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Wages on Demand Overview

Free Yourself From Payday

Get paid on your schedule and terms.

Avoid late bill payments, overdraft fees and payday loans.

Access the earned portion of your paycheck before your payday and forget about late bill payments and over draft fees.

Your Paycheck On-Demand

No Debt

They are your hours; cash them in. This payroll-integrated service means that you can access your hours before payday, never taking on any debt in the process.

Easy to Use

Choose how much money you’d like to access and click submit — that’s it. Don’t worry about remembering when to pay us back — money is automatically debited from your account on your next payday.

How it works

Employees may request access their wages 24/7 prior to payday through the Advanstaff HR employee portal. No phone calls or payroll interaction required.

Be in Control of Your Payday

Choose your payday. Choose how much money you want to access and have it paid back automatically off your available next paycheck. Please access advances responsibly.

Fast and Easy

Sign-up and access money within 7 seconds. Money can be transferred to your account instantly.

Inexpensive and Transparent

At only $5 for every transaction requested, it’s a simple, flat fee. Save yourself from NSF fees, credit card advances, and short-term loans. It’s time for some savings.

You may choose any amount of advance up to $200 per transaction.

The table below illustrates the flat $5 transaction fee based on the amount of the withdrawl.

Zayzoon Fee Summary

Advance AmountFeeFee as %
$25$520% (high)
$50$510% (high)

Note the fee is a flat amount. AdvanStaff HR / ZayZoon will limit the total amount of loans to $600 per pay period.

Please act responsibly when deciding to take a pay advance