Document Management System (DMS)

Flexibility & Security

AdvanStaff HR’s Document Management System (DMS) allows managers/employers to simplify tasks and save time by managing documents securely through the AdvanStaff online portal.

We provide clients with a pre-built “Virtual Filing Cabinet”. Your team can determine what to store and easily begin uploading your documents to the DMS! Documents generated from the AdvanStaff HR eOnboarding system are automatically retained in the DMS!

Managers determine what types of documents to store and which folders to use. Based on defined rules, document folders are “viewable” or “hidden” to the user logged into the AdvanStaff HR Cloud employee portal or manager portal.

These folders can be accessed or restricted by selecting a from several roles of varying levels to match the needs of the user.

Advanced Document Management:

  • Saves time and increases manager efficiency, increases record keeping compliance, and improves operational flow.
  • Allows managers to easily segment forms and documents for easy future retrieval.
  • Retains supporting documents related to:
    • Policies
    • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
    • Company specific forms
    • Skills and Education
    • Training Certifications
    • Identification
    • Attendance
    • Evaluations
    • Disciplinary discussions
  • Grants users permission to worksite managers to perform various levels of functions.
    • View | Upload | Download | Print |etc.
  • Enables employee access to designated forms, documents, handbooks, procedures and more all 24/7 from their Employee Self-Service Portal.
  • Organize files on a secure, electronic storage platform
  • Provide current versions of materials to your employees 24/7
  • Retain valid copies of important Employee Skills and Education credentials, work cards or licensing and review or print them, on-demand
  • Compliments the Employee Self-Service Portal
  • Handbooks, policies and procedures are always available
  • It’s turnkey and is pre-configured with document folders.
  • Many folders allow employee visibility on the Employee Self-Service Portal.
  • Designated folders have NO employee facing visibility and are designed for storing documents with an increased level of confidentiality.

Manage Documents from the Manager Portal

AdvanStaff HR’s Document Management System is pre-configured and ready to go from day one. Once enabled to your portal, a series of storage folders (noted with end-user visibility) are available and ready to use.

Screen shots

What’s Next?

When you are ready to use the Document Management Sysstem:

  • Complete the “Program Information Request Form
  • Our team can assist with best practices and an implementation guideline.
  • Determine who will need access to documents and assign specific access “levels”.
    • We will need to add those permissions to their manager portal credentials.
  • Define what to store & load your documents!

PRO-Tip: Helpful tutorials can be found throughout the Manager Portal by clicking on the “Question Mark” in the upper right hand of each screen!

Watch the Document Management System (DMS) Demo