General Ledger Account Mapping

General Ledger Account Mapping

Seamlessly import your HR, payroll, and benefit transactions to your accounting software general ledger system.

General Ledger Mapping

The general ledger (GL) is at the core of any financial management system. It encompasses the functions required to maintain a company’s set of books.

AdvanStaff HR provides a customized solution to streamline your accounting general ledger reporting to save you time, improve accuracy, and increase efficiency.

  • G/L mapping provides a customized report or import file that breaks out payroll, taxes, benefits and other accounting items and allocates them to the appropriate account.
  • G/L Mapping increases efficiencies by eliminating the manual input of pertinent payroll information into your accounting system.
  • Specialized reports make your GL entries more accurate by eliminating manual errors.
  • Import files and GL reports are available “on demand” as soon as a payroll is posted. 
  • Map by Position, Department, Division or Location.  The AdvanStaff HR accounting department will assist in the setup of the process and workflow

Items Needed

  • Current chart of accounts from your accounting software.
  • Copy of the journal entry for your most recent payroll – this will allow us to cross check our output after the template is built.

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