Annual Plan Contribution Limits

Many employee benefits are subject to annual dollar limits that are adjusted for inflation by the IRS each year. The following table lists the employee benefits offered that subject to these limits.

The IRS typically announces the dollar limits that will apply for the next calendar year just before the beginning of that year. AdvanStaff HR will update this page as quickly as possible.

Tax-Advantaged Plan Limits and Thresholds

401(k) Contributions
Employee Elected Deferrals$ 22,500$ 23,000
Catch-up Contributions (age 50)$ 6,500$ 8,000
Limit on Total Contributions$ 66,000$ 69,000
Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
Healthcare FSA Max Election (per year)$3,050$3,200
— Healthcare FSA Plan Year Carryover Limit (March 31st)$ 610$ 640
Dependent Care FSA Max Election (per year)$ 5,000$ 5,000
Transportation Fringe Benefits
Parking Account$ 300/mo$ 315/mo
Transit Account$ 300/mo$ 315/mo
— Transportation Plan Year Carryover Limit 100%100%
Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
HSA Max Contribution Limit – Single$ 3,850$ 4,150
HSA Max Contribution Limit – Family$ 7,750$ 8,300
HSA Catch-Up Contribution Limit (age 55)$ 1,000$ 1,000
High Deductible Health Plan Requirements
HDHP Min Annual Deductible – Single$ 1,500$ 1,600
HDHP Min Annual Deductible – Family$ 3,000$ 3,200
HDHP Out-of-Pocket Max – Single$ 7,500$ 8,050
HDHP Out-of-Pocket Max – Family$ 15,000$ 16,100