Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

Work Opportunity Tax Credit Processing (WOTC)

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Turn-key WOTC tax credit processing technology maximizes Work Opportunity Tax Credits.

We make it easy for you to:

Identify Candidates

Elegant pre-employment screening technology identifies eligible candidates before hiring, as well as the credits you’d receive.

Stay Compliant

We collect the payroll data to calculate your credits, and our partner maintains government compliance through advanced integrations and data import technology.

Get Tax Credits

Get a break on your company’s taxes by hiring deserving people—while saving time, resources, and headaches. Our team does the work — you get the credit.

Tax credits save you money.

Hiring-based tax programs like WOTC give you credit for eligible hires while helping your company contribute to societal and economic growth through intentional hiring.

Not worth the hassle? Think again. Technology and integrated services make tax credit processing completely hassle-free. You could save hundreds of thousands of dollars on your taxes. Let AdvanStaff HR and our WOTC partner do all the hard work of dealing with government forms and payroll compliance.

Quick Overview

    • $2,400/$4,800/$9,600 maximum credit Per Qualified Employee Hired
    • Our processing team fully qualifies any hire you make for eligibility to the program.
  • Virtually effortless
    • Our tech platform, automation, and professional team handle 99.9% of the workload.
  • Affordable and risk-free
    • No fees (20%) until you claim the credit. Credits carry forward for up to 20 years.

Effortless Tax Credits

AdvanStaff HR and our WOTC partner do all the back-end and compliance work. Advanstaff HR will report all payroll, employee, and hire data to the WOTC partner. The WOTC partner will handle all the paperwork, tracking, compliance, and reporting to the client.

The employer sends a custom link to each new applicant, or the screening process is integrated into AdvanStaff HR’s Applicant Tracking System.

It’s that easy!

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How do I get started with the WOTC program?

We make getting started as easy as possible. Enrollment takes just a few minutes.

  1. Complete the “Request Info Form” to let us know if you want to get started or if you have questions.
  2. Complete the online enrollment form to register with our WOTC admin partner.
  3. Integrate the online employee questionnaire to your applicant tracking system (ATS) or our electronic onboarding workflow. If you don’t use an ATS, don’t worry; we can discuss other options.

That’s it! We take care of the rest!


Once your company is enrolled in the AdvanStaff HR WOTC program, our HR/onboarding pros will discuss strategies to integrate the WOTC questionnaire into your hiring/onboarding workflows.

Have applicants complete the simple survey.

Each applicant will complete the simple, 1-minute online survey.

Track your tax credits.

You track tax credit progress as those eligible employees are paid. The AdvanStaff HR system securely connects directly to the WOTC processor to exchange relevant data to manage the entire process. As an AdvanStaff HR worksite employer, our team does all the work.

Claim your tax credits.

You have up to twenty years to claim your tax credits.

No admin fees are due until you actually claim your credit. If you decide to never use the credits, then you pay no fees.

Targeted Groups

Employers can hire eligible employees from the following target groups for WOTC.

Guidelines Per Individual

An individual who is a member of a family receiving assistance under a state plan approved under part A of title IV of the Social Security Act relating to Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). The assistance must be received for any nine months during the 18 months ending on the hiring date.

A “qualified veteran” is a veteran who is any of the following:

  • A member of a family receiving assistance under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (food stamps) for at least 3 months during the first 15 months of employment.
  • Unemployed for a period totaling at least 4 weeks (whether or not consecutive) but less than 6 months in the 1-year period ending on the hiring date.
  • Unemployed for a period totaling at least 6 months (whether or not consecutive) in the 1-year period ending on the hiring date.
  • A disabled veteran entitled to compensation for a service-connected disability hired not more than one year after being discharged or released from active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • A disabled veteran entitled to compensation for a service-connected disability who is unemployed for a period totaling at least six months (whether or not consecutive) in the one-year period ending on the hiring date.

See IRS Notice 2012-13 (PDF) for more detailed information.

A “qualified ex-felon” is a person hired within a year of:

  • Being convicted of a felony or
  • Being released from prison for a felony

A DCR is an individual who, on the date of hiring

  • Is at least 18 years old and under 40,
  • Resides within one of the following:
    • An Empowerment zone
    • An Enterprise community
    • A Renewal community
  • AND continues to reside at the locations after employment.

A “vocational rehabilitation referral” is a person who has a physical or mental disability and has been referred to the employer while receiving or upon completion of rehabilitative services pursuant to:

  • A state plan approved under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 OR
  • An Employment Network Plan under the Ticket to Work program, OR
  • A program carried out under the Department of Veteran Affairs.

A “qualified summer youth employee” is one who:

  • Is at least 16 years old, but under 18 on the date of hire or on May 1, whichever is later, AND
  • Is only employed between May 1 and September 15 (was not employed prior to May 1st) AND
  • Resides in an Empowerment Zone (EZ), enterprise community or renewal community.

A “qualified SNAP benefits recipient” is an individual who on the date of hire is:

  • At least 18 years old and under 40, AND
  • A member of a family that received SNAP benefits for:
    • the previous 6 months OR
    • at least 3 of the previous 5 months.

An individual is a “qualified SSI recipient” if a month for which this person received SSI benefits is within 60 days of the date this person is hired.

A “long term family recipient” is an individual who at the time of hiring is a member of a family that meet one of the following conditions:

  • Received assistance under an IV-A program for a minimum of the prior 18 consecutive months; OR
  • Received assistance for 18 months beginning after 8/5/1997 and it has not been more than 2 years since the end of the earliest of such 18-month period; OR
  • Ceased to be eligible for such assistance because a Federal or State law limited the maximum time those payments could be made, and it has been not more than 2 years since the cessation.

A qualified long-term unemployment recipient is one who has been unemployed for not less than 27 consecutive weeks at the time of hiring and received unemployment compensation during some or all or the unemployment period. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Authorized worksite contacts will be granted access to the WOTC portal which gives real-time information on the progress of each applicant and tracks the credits that have been earned.

If an employer does not have tax liability in the tax year that the WOTC-eligible worker was hired, the credit from the WOTC—as part of the General Business Credit—can be carried back up to one year or carried forward up 20 years before expiring.

Yes. But, the great thing about this service is, you pay no fees until you actually claim the tax credits. This means there is zero risk and zero liability until you realize the tax benefit of the credits you earned.

The fee is 20% of the total credit claimed. It is billed by our WOTC partner.