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Work Opportunity Tax Credit Processing (WOTC) General Info

Work Opportunity Tax Credit Processing (WOTC)

Hire deserving applicants. Get credit.
(It’s as simple as that.)

Getting credit for your hires
is easier than you think

Forget the government forms and other headache-inducing processes
you’ve grown accustomed to.

We make it easier for you to:

Identify Candidates

Elegant pre-employment screening technology identifies eligible candidates prior to hiring, as well as the credits you’d receive.

Stay Compliant

We collect the payroll data to calculate your credits and our partner maintains government compliance, through advanced integrations and data import technology.

Get Tax Credits

Get a break on your company’s taxes by hiring deserving people—while saving time, resources, and headache in the process. Our team does the work — you get the credit.

Tax credits save you money.

Hire deserving employees and get credit directly against your tax liability.

Hiring-based tax programs like WOTC give you credit for eligible hires, while helping your company contribute to societal and economic growth through intentional hiring.

Not worth the hassle? Think again. Technology and integrated services make tax credit processing completely hassle-free. You could save hundreds of thousands of dollars on your taxes. Let AdvanStaff HR and our WOTC partner do all the hard work of dealing with government forms and payroll compliance.

Quick Overview

    • $2,400/$4,800/$9,600 maximum credit Per Qualified Employee Hired
    • 15%-25% of new hires
    • SNAP
    • Veteran
    • Designated Community Resident
    • Long-Term Unemployed
    • Additional Targeting Groups Applied
    • Occurs on or before the day of job offer
    • Becomes part of the hiring process
    • Submissions to federal government due within 28 days of hire
    • State Agencies Determine Certification

AdvanStaff HR and our WOTC partner do all the back end and compliance work. Advanstaff HR will report all payroll, employee, hire data to the WOTC partner. The WOTC partner will handle all the paperwork, tracking, compliance, and reporting back to the client.

The employer sends a custom link to each new applicant, or the screening process is integrated into AdvanStaff HR’s Applicant Tracking System.

It’s that easy!

Request Program Info

The Solution

Easily Screen Applicants

  • Identify eligible candidates before making a hiring decision
  • Keep applicants engaged with jargon-free language and information requests they can understand
  • Conveniently screen from anywhere with a mobile-friendly survey

Track Your Hiring Credit Status

Government programs are notorious for long waits and confusing correspondences.

Now you will receive weekly reports offering you visibility into how tax credit programs are working in your business with comprehensive statuses of each WOTC case.

Stay Compliant

No one has the time or energy to run payroll reports and sift through government forms all day. HireCredit’s automated system allows you to:

  • Remove the burden of manually maintaining compliance
  • Automatically import necessary data to calculate your credits by processing payroll through one of our partner platforms
  • Eliminate the hassle and security complications of emailing reports or entering payroll data manually

Get instant insights

No more waiting months and months to get insight into how tax credits are performing for your business.

Our agents will provide you with performance insights so you can see how much money you’re saving. Make better business decisions with better data.

WOTC Program FAQs

Great question! While we make the program easy as possible, there are some steps to getting stated.

  1. Complete the Request Info Form.
  2. A quick intro call will be scheduled to discuss the small details of the program.
  3. You will be connected with AdvanStaff HR’s WOTC consultant who will provide a conservative estimate on the expected and potential benefits of participating in the WOTC program. The estimate will also outline the costs to administer the program.
  4. You will then be presented with a data sharing authorization and administrative service agreement between AdvanStaff HR and our WOTC partner.
  5. Setup, training, and introduction to the platform.
  6. You start hiring and earning credits.

The authorized worksite contacts will be granted access to the WOTC portal which will give real-time information on the progress of each applicant and track the credits that have been earned.

If an employer does not have tax liability in the tax year that the WOTC-eligible worker was hired, the credit from the WOTC—as part of the General Business Credit—can be carried back up to one year or carried forward up 20 years before expiring.

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