Time Keeping Solutions Introduction

Time & Attendance Solutions

Multiple platforms, advanced HRIS integrations, and custom scripting to meet your business requirements.

What are the benefits of a Time Keeping Solution?

Say goodbye to paper and complex spreadsheets. Streamline payroll processing. Manage compliance and labor laws through predefined criteria. Using web hosted solutions with or without biometric hardware to record employees’ time will ultimately decrease the management workload. It will also decrease cost of labor through increased reporting capabilities which enable easier overtime management. Manage all time off requests in one spot. Track and manage schedules, breaks, meals, tips, and clocking criteria all through the benefits of a web hosted time keeping solution.

Why use AdvanStaff’s Time Keeping System?

We integrate. AdvanStaff HR integrates industry leading products into our platform to increase operational efficiencies and compliance advantages. We offer solutions from different vendors with various industry strengths to accommodate your requirements.

We support your team. Our Timekeeping Specialists will assist you with your implementation and support your team as they manage your chosen product!

We support our partners in-house. AdvanStaff HR has experienced in-house coders to help with custom scripts and workflows. We offer industry leading integrations between software systems.

We know you. With AdvanStaff HR you get an entire team to propose solutions to complex time and attendance challenges.

Integration with the AdvanStaff HRIS platform minimizes data entry, eliminates costly errors, and reduces administrative overhead. Time can be collected directly from employees using a suite of clocking options. Once reviewed and approved, timesheets import directly into the payroll system at the click of a button.

We will help you determine which solution best fits your business requirements.

All platforms include:

Labor Reporting

  • Access to robust reporting to help manage time, overtime, scheduling, labor cost and more.

Basic and Complex Scheduling Options

  • All platforms come with basic scheduling capability suitable for offices with fixed schedules with a more robust option available for alternating schedules and employee self service.

Time Off Request Workflows

  • Employees request time off all in one place

Mobile Application

  • Employees and supervisors have access to view time and schedules, request time off, and more.


  • Native SwipeClock integration for account creation and time import at the click of a buttom
  • Complex custom scripting for shift differentials
  • Custom clock prompts to accommodate attestation and mileage recording at clock in/out
  • Manages mobile clocking with Geofencing
  • More clock options


  • Employee account creation through integration
  • Time export created for easy import into payroll
  • Multi-state profile configurations
  • “Many to one” client entity to account configuration
  • Manages complex tip compliance requirements

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The most common questions for timekeeping are listed below.

Please feel free to contact our Timekeeping department by either calling 702-598-0000 or by submitting a support ticket.

AdvanStaff partners with Professional Time Keeping Service vendors for client time keeping systems! Our partnerships allow AdvanStaff to offer your team products, equipment and services at discounted rates, integrate designated fields with the payroll platform, which reduces data entry and even apply single-stream billing to your invoice, which eliminates a separate product bill for your Accounts Payable team! 

AdvanStaff’s Time Clock Team will complete a consultation call to collect information regarding what you are looking for in a Time Clock solution, and can make a recommendation based on the strengths of each service.

Please request a demonstration.

Your company will need to select a dedicated person(s) to manage the chosen timekeeping product for your business.   

AdvanStaff will provide the initial consultation, configuration, data and calculation testing with each new installation. Plus, we will record your company’s user training sessions for you too! Need to collaborate on best practices or how-to’s, we’re here for you! 

Your team will feel empowered when making edits to your system’s configurations or hardware. If additional guidance is needed after implementation, your staff will be able to submit support tickets directly to the AdvanStaff team! Tutorials, training and other basic support is readily available to your team members! AdvanStaff will guide your team on configuration edits, best practices and how to build and utilize reports and dashboards too!  

If more comprehensive assistance is needed, AdvanStaff is happy to coordinate the support request directly with your chosen time-keeping partner’s experts! 

Having a system that works for you and your team is not a problem! AdvanStaff will always offer to help your team find ways to export and import data from your existing solution, in order to gain efficiency!  

Most modern Point-of-Sale systems or industry standard business software, which include timekeeping solutions, offer data exports. And in most cases, our team can provide you with a template design sample to make importing time data from your preferred software to our payroll platform easy! 

Each service comes with web clock enabled, meaning employees can clock in and out from a device such as a computer or phone. Restrictions can be enabled to prevent clocking from unauthorized locations. Each service has additional hardware device clock options with biometric, PIN, and proximity card interfaces. These options are available to view in detail on the specific platform page.

SwipeClock Devices

UKG Devices

Employees can use their phone to clock in but only if this feature has been enabled at both the company level as well as the employee level, meaning this can be turned on for employees in the field and off for others.

SwipeClock also has a geo-fencing add-on displaying where the employees have clocked in from can assist in managing a mobile workforce.

Both Time Systems have clock prompts that enable buttons for employees to switch between shifts, jobs, and locations, and the system integration handles subsequent changes to pay rates. The clock prompts can also collect other data from the employee for attestation, mileage, and shifts at clock in or out.

What is a cross-utilized employee? A cross-utilized employee is one who works between multiple entities under one common company account. In this case UKG is the best solution. It provides many to one account mapping and the best timesheet and report format for multiple timesheets.

Employee Announcements are available in both platforms. Set duration and specific employee visibility in SwipeClock.

System Comparison & Additional Information