UKG Time & Attendance Solutions

UKG Time & Attendance Solutions

UKG Workforce Ready

Our partnership with UKG, a long-time been leader in compliance driven time and attendance space, goes back over 15 years.

With AdvanStaff HR & UKG, you don’t just get the standard UKG solution, you get an integrated, custom solution with an entire team to solve complex time and attendance needs.

UKG Service Options

The UKG Workforce Ready product is an excellent solution for unique business requirements. The Small Business Edition (SBE) is a basic solution catering to small businesses with less administration requirements. The Mid-Market Edition (MME) has all of the SBE functionality and much more robust capabilities to cater to medium and large business needs.

We offer two solutions explained in detail below. Each solution can be web hosted or use standalone wifi compatible hardware with biometric options available. Both solutions simplify your internal payroll processes by facilitating payroll export files for direct importing into our front end web portal for payroll processing.

Mid-Market Edition (MME)

All SBE functionality PLUS:

  • API integrated employee account creation and management to eliminate manual entry
  • Supports multiple pay groups
  • Supports unlimited customizable pay rules
  • Supports multiple time zones
  • Mass edit capabilities
  • Robust reporting
  • Incorporates work flows for PTO requests and timesheet submission and approvals

Advanced Scheduler Add-On

In addition to Workforce Ready, the Advanced Scheduling Module delivers dynamic, requirements-based, advanced scheduling capabilities. Manage complex schedules with schedule templates that can be re-used week over week. Once you have created a schedule, fill open shifts using automatic predefined criteria such as availability, preferences, certifications, and labor laws. Enable employees to request schedule changes. Advanced reports to manage schedule deviations and overtime.

Hardware Device Options for UKG

Empower your organization and cut down admin time across your company. Employees will be able to clock in from a company device or in the case of a remote workforce, from their personal device from any location. This clock option is included with the UKG service without any additional hardware costs. Punches can be limited to certain IP addresses to prevent clocking in from unauthorized locations. Mobile is customizable and includes a full service mobile app from which employees can view their timecard, request time off, and clock in if enabled.

The best-seller, inTouch clock provides a touch screen interface and requires a unique fingerprint to prevent “buddy-punching.” It can include additional smart prompts to track breaks, meals, and clocking between multiple departments/positions/locations. It has an easy to use manager service screen.

Support and FAQs

Employee Support FAQs

Please report to you employers time-clock administrator.

Passwords can be reset and accounts can be unlocked by your employers time-clock administrator.

The manager support section lists instructions on the steps a manager would follow to reset passwords and unlock account.

Manager Support FAQs

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