Group Medical Insurance General Info

General Information

As with all employer-sponsored benefit programs, your worksite employer may or may not sponsor group medical or any other benefit program illustrated.

For voluntary wellness coverage available to all full-time or part-time employees, CLICK HERE.

Group medical insurance is coverage sponsored by an employer and offered to full-time employees. Because the employer pays a portion of the employee premium, group coverage is generally the most affordable and comprehensive coverage available for workers and their families.

The coverage available to you will be outlined in the employee portal at the time of hire or during open enrollment. (Article: How to find your current benefit lineup)

Employer Sponsored major medical insurance plans

AdvanStaff HR offers many plans. As an employee, it may help to know the type of major medical program in which your employer participates. Your plan is either co-sponsored by AdvanStaff HR AND your employer, or the plan may be sponsored by your employer exclusively.

Group Medical Plans (AdvanStaff Master Programs)

A Master Plan is a large group, multiple employer plan sponsored and administered by AdvanStaff HR.

Master Plans are offered from the following fully-insured carriers:

Group Medical Plans (Worksite Employer Programs)

A worksite client policy is a plan offered to a specific employer or natural group. Our in-house, licensed agency partner will quote carriers and plans when it is more advantageous to choose another carrier for various reasons.

Other carriers may include:

  • United HealthCare (UHC) – national coverage
  • Aetna – nationwide coverage
  • Humana – nationwide coverage
  • Blue Cross / Blue Shield – regional Coverage
  • Cigna – regional coverage
  • Sierra Health & Life (SHL) – Nevada
  • Health Plan of Nevada (HPN) – Nevada
  • Select Health – Nevada/Utah/Idaho
  • Educators Mutual (EMI) – Utah

and many others….

Did you know?

Medical plan premiums are “sponsored” or partially paid by your employer so they are the best value for coverage available!

These plans are also Section 125 / FSA eligible so your out-of-pocket premiums are deducted from your paycheck on a “pre-tax” basis.

You could reduce taxes when you enroll in sponsored benefit programs. Here’s how.

Voluntary, individual medical, dental, and wellness plans

Many employers and industries do not offer medical coverage to full-time employees. In addition, part-time workers are generally not eligible for coverage. Don’t worry, you still have health and wellness coverage options available.