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About Advanstaff HR

Started in 1993, Advanstaff, Inc. has established itself as Nevada's most prestigious Professional Employer Organization. Advanstaff HR brings the small to medium sized business the personnel and system expertise previously only affordable by large, Fortune 500 companies. Whether the need is in the area of employee benefits, human resource consulting, payroll processing, risk management, employee management systems, or all of the above, AdvanStaff offers a cost effective solution that will increase efficiency, improve operations, lower employee turnover, and allow the business to focus on revenue producing activities, thus increasing the value of the business.

The Professional Employer Organization is gaining a foothold as the business owner's employee administrative edge. This concept has demonstrated a strong appeal to small and mid-sized businesses because it improves employee benefits, lowers employee overhead costs, and reduces the burden of employee paperwork.

In today's economy, business owners are looking for alternatives. In the last few years there has been renewed vigor in developing work alternatives to fit changing needs in the marketplace. Advanstaff is that alternative. Our solution lowers costs, improves employee benefits, and reduces employee-related paperwork.

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