What Makes Us Different?

Choosing the right partner for your business is important. It’s best to know right away if your values match the values of the PEO.

We know we must earn your business every month; and we back that up with client friendly, month-to-month service terms.

No Long-term Contracts

Many PEOs lock you in to multi-year service terms with the most common term being two FULL years. Once you sign, you may be LOCKED IN to poor service and inflexible processes. If you discover the PEO is not meeting its promised level of service, you must either stay with a poor performer or pay THOUSANDS of dollars to exit the agreement. The fact is, many of the large national PEOs over promise, under deliver, and trap you with unreasonable contract terms.

We treat you like family, not just a customer. Our loyalty is to you and we focus on long-term relationships.

We are confident you will love our services. We don’t lock customers into annual, multi-year, long-term contracts. We treat you like a partner and our service level is our bond.

Fair, easy-to-understand billing

AdvanStaff HR has always been committed to flat-rate, transparent billing. We line item each billing category on the invoice so you know exactly what you are paying and where your money is going. You will never wonder where your money is going.

Beware, most PEOs “bundle” admin, taxes, workers comp, and many other costs of doing business into one (or a few) line item(s) on the invoice. This enables the PEO to overcharge and disguise admin fee and other PEO revenue as taxes, insurance, and to capture tax credits and other items as PEO profit. This billing method is the “dirty secret” of the PEO industry and a practice in which we have NEVER participated.

Transparency is always better

AdvanStaff HR has ALWAYS believed in fully transparent, flat rate per employee per month (PEPM) billing. As you grow, we grow, as a result, we lower your fee always making the relationship based on value, not revenue.

What does this mean to you?

With billing transparency, what you see on your invoice is what you are paying for our administrative services. We respect all billing caps for taxes and insurance and pass any savings on to you (or to the employee when appropriate.)

A few examples:

Flat Rate, Per-Employee-Per-Month (PEPM) BillingBundled Billing
as % of gross payroll
When Your EmployeeAdvanStaff HROther PEOs
Gets a raise, bonus, or salary promotionAdmin billing stays the same.

We don’t get a raise when your employees get a raise.
“Admin” billing amount increases.

With bundled billing, you pay admin on ALL payroll INCLUDING year-end bonus.
Meets payroll tax wage limitsTax billing stops (as they should!)

Total invoice billing decreases
% Billing stays the same

Total invoice billing stays the same

(More hidden profit for the PEO)
Meets work comp wage limitWorkers’ compensation billing stops (as it should!)

Total invoice billing decreases.
% Billing stays the same.

Total invoice billing stays the same.

(More hidden profit for the PEO)
Participates in a Section 125c Plan, HSA, or Dependant Care Plan.Tax savings realized by the employer- and they can be significant.No tax savings to the employer. PEO captures and retains tax savings.

(More hidden profit for the PEO)