Payroll & Benefits Onboarding for New Hires

You’re Hired!
Now Let’s Get You Onboarded

(and ready to get paid!)

Welcome to Payroll & Benefits Onboarding

Once you’ve been hired, the next (and most important) step is to get you onboarded to the payroll/HR system so you can receive a paycheck for the hours you work. AdvanStaff HR will process your new hire forms, online, for your new employer!

These critical steps must be completed BEFORE your first day of work.

Check out the onboarding tutorial video!



  1. Be sure to have your onboarding information readily available before you begin, including:
    • Social Security Number
    • Full resident address
    • Review the official IRS W4 form tax estimator in advance, so that you can decide how to make your tax elections with confidence during onboarding. A Tax Tutorial Wizard is available to help you complete the form!
      • Hint: you can update your tax form at any time of the year, if desired!
    • Banking information for your paycheck’s direct deposit account (if applicable)
      • Hint: you can add or update accounts at any time!
      • Both Bank Account and Routing numbers will be required to submit the form.
        • Debit card numbers are not accepted on the form.
    • Emergency contact name and their contact information
    • Review and determine the documents you plan to use for Form I-9. Make sure they are not expired!
  2. Once you’ve received your Welcome Email from “” you will know its time to onboard! Visit the EMPLOYEE PORTAL Login Page to register for an Employee Portal account and start your onboarding.
    • If you did not receive a welcome email from AdvanStaff HR, it is very possible the message is trapped in your spam, or your email address on file may be incorrect.
    • You can also download our Employee Mobile App for Apple or Android devices.
  3. Register to create your secure Employee User Account to access the portal
    • We recommend Chrome as the most compatible web browser you may need to disable pop-up blockers during this process.
    • Already have AdvanStaff login credentials? No need to re-register, use your existing credentials to log in and then select the employer for which you are eOnboarding!
  4. Next up… Log in to your personalized Employee Portal and complete your employment documentation!
    • Please call us at 702-598-0000 if you have any questions, we provide assistance in English & Spanish.
  5. SUBMIT your completed forms. Don’t miss that final “Submit” button on your workflow and look for the confirmation message, otherwise your new employer won’t receive the information!
  6. Bring your I-9 authorization documents to the worksite to be viewed by your worksite’s hiring manager, for the Section 2 certification.

NOTE: Before you can start working, you and your worksite hiring manager should complete the Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification document.

Section 1 – will be completed by you, the employee. It will be the first form of your electronic onboarding process!

Section 2 – will be completed and certified by your worksites hiring manager, upon viewing your identification.

What Form I-9 documents do you need to bring?

List of Acceptable Documents

Getting Started with Benefits

If you work full-time (more than 30 hours per week), then you may be eligible for your worksite employers’ employee benefit package.

Worksite Employers contract with AdvanStaff to manage those benefit programs on theirs and your behalf. We are delighted to assist you.

Steps to enroll in benefits

  • When you are eligible, the AdvanStaff HR Benefits Department will send you a welcome email directing you to the Employee Portal.
  • Enter the Employee Portal, Click on “Benefits” -> Benefits Enrollment.
  • The Benefits Enrollment Wizard will walk you through ALL the benefit options available to you and the cost per pay period.
  • You then have the opportunity to add any partners or dependents. Be sure to have their information handy too!
  • Hit submit and a confirmation statement is available to you for final review.

Once you are enrolled, you can reference your personal benefits summary for plan details and instructions on how to use all those benefits.