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Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

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What Is PrismHire ATS?

It’s our powerful applicant tracking system that simplifies the entire recruitment process, and it’s completely integrated with your current PrismHR suite.

Hiring doesn’t have to be time­consuming and labor intensive. With PrismHR Hiring, you can toss out paper files and stacks of resumes, plus you’ll be able to:

  • Post your jobs to multiple job boards in just one-­click
  • Post jobs to your own website using a pre-built widget
  • Keep all applicant information in one place within your existing PrismHR platform
  • Manage interview scheduling and communications with candidates
  • Access world­-class support and assistance in setting up your accounts
  • Qualify applicants using pre­employment testing, background checks, references and MUCH MORE!
  • PrismHR Hiring integrates with your AdvanStaff HR manager portal and transfers all information into electronic on-boarding with just a few clicks saving managers and employees time.

Your account includes unlimited support.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting Started is easy. The worksite manager portal already has the service available.


If you would like to a formal introduction to Applicant Tracking System options and features, a one-on-one training, or simply a refresher course:

PrismHire Included Core Features

PrismHire is a fully featured product offered by AdvanStaff HR.
Worksite managers receive one FREE full license courtesy of AdvanStaff HR.
1 Free Active PostingIncluded
2+ Active PostingsSee Fee Schedule
Unlimited UsersIncluded
Online Job PostingIncluded
Applicant TrackingIncluded
Job BoardsIncluded
Premium SupportIncluded
Form Builder™Included
Applicant TaggingIncluded
Message TemplatesIncluded
Bulk Resume ImportsIncluded
Offer LettersIncluded
Onboarding DocumentsIncluded
Offer letter approval workflowIncluded
Job requisition approval workflowIncluded
Workflow IntegrationIncluded
Roles and PermissionsIncluded
USPS Address ValidationIncluded
Applicant Distance SearchIncluded
Easily add job postings to your own websiteIncluded
Action options when an applicant is marked as hired, including: set job status, lock hired button, and automated job tagsIncluded
API Integration with AdvanStaff HR to lead into electronic on-boaringIncluded

Features and Additional Services


PrismHire Pricing

Tier ## of active JobsCost
22-3$ 59 / mo.
34 - 5$ 95 / mo.
46 - 10 $ 169 / mo.
511 - 15$ 199 / mo.
616 - 20$ 249 / mo.
721 - 25$ 299 / mo.
826 - 30$ 349 / mo.
931 - 40$ 399 / mo.
1041 - 50$ 449 / mo.
1151 - 100$ 649 / mo.
12101 - 150$ 799 / mo.
13151 - 200$ 899 / mo.
14201 - 250$ 999 / mo.

Worksite managers can test and use the system for free as long as the number of active job postings stays at one. From there, managers can subscribe to a higher tier package.

Each client worksite location is awarded one FREE active posting in perpetuity.

Billings are made in arrears. This means you will be billed the following month for highest number of active jobs during the previous month.

For example. If you have a free license, and upgrade to the 4-seat license on the 20th of the month, you will be billed the following month for $95.

There are no partial month billings or pro-rated refunds offered by PrismHire.

No. You must agree to up the tier when you post more jobs through the applicant tracking system.

Managers can easily adjust (up or down) the number of licenses they need. Just keep in mind, Prism HR / Hiring Thing does not prorate partial use months.

The listing tier will continue in perpetuity until a manager manually changes their license.

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