Performance Management (PM)

Performance Management (PM)

Establish a consistent employee feedback and development program to improve performance and retain your top employees.

With today’s challenges in finding and hiring new employees, retaining your top contributors has never been more important. Performance Management allows you to track manager and employee reviews, quickly set team and employee goals, and solicit employee feedback.

With a modern performance management program, you get the data you need to see who your high performers are, and which employees need help to improve.

Worksite Managers should contact their dedicated HR Specialist for more info on AdvanStaff Performance Management.


  • Fully integrated into the AdvanStaff Payroll/HR platform
  • Employees access performance reviews from the employee portal
  • Managers access performance requests, performance appraisals, and reminders from within the manager or employee portal
  • Self-service or Full-service models (and pricing levels)


  • Extremely flexible and configurable
  • Predefined templates based on desired feature sets
  • Preloaded content libraries for Job Competencies, Employee Objectives, Core Values, and Coaching Comments

Setup, Service Options, Pricing

  • White Glove, Prism HR Support – $6 PEPM,
  • Self Guided, AdvanStaff HR Support – $3.50 PEPM
  • Setup – $1000 / Basic, $2,500 / Complex

Data sheet

AdvanStaff Performance Management allows you to track manager and employee reviews, quickly set team and employee goals, and solicit employee feedback. Through performance management, you get the data you need to manage, motivate, and coach your most valuable asset – your employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can employees self-evaluate?

Yes.  Employees can score items and/or provide ongoing feedback on their own performance.

Can multiple managers evaluate an employee?

Yes.  More than one Supervisor can be assigned to review an employee and provide feedback.

Can we do 360° evaluations?

Yes, the system has a 360° evaluation option that enables multiple internal evaluators to review or provide feedback on an employee.

Can peer names be confidential on peer reviews?

Yes.  Any evaluator can be marked as confidential on a review.

Can supervisors request feedback from others?

Yes. When feedback is enabled, Supervisors can request feedback on competencies or goals from other Supervisors in the system.

Can peers or coworkers provide feedback for an employee?

Yes. When unsolicited feedback is enabled, any employee can provide feedback on another.

Can we create different types of appraisals?

Yes. The system allows organizations to create an unlimited number of appraisals and performance forms.

Can other corrective action or professional development documents be automated?

Yes. Any type of performance form and workflow can be created in the system and sent out to Supervisors and/or Employees.

Can professional development and organizational goals be tracked?

Yes. Organizational strategies can be entered and aligned with individual goals.

What if we have unique competencies for some or all of our positions?

Competencies can be added to the main evaluation library and assigned to individual positions. 

How can we align our organizational goals with employees’ professional goals?

Goals can be added and appraisal recipients can select them from a drop down list on each goal added by a manager or employee user.

What types of Performance Management reports can we run?

Appraisal/goal, status, score reports, activity logs and other miscellaneous reports are available.

Do we have access to completed appraisals?

Yes. Supervisors have access to all assigned employee historical reviews. Employees can be provided access to their completed reviews as well.

Can we limit access to users?

Yes. There are three user roles:  Admin, Supervisor and Employee. The user status syncs from PrismHR.

Do the data points flow back into PrismHR?

Yes. Data points are located in the Performance section of the EE record Pay tab and includes the last appraisal date, score, and description.

How do users access Performance Management?

Users can access Performance Management through the PrismHR dashboard or through the Employee Portal (via links and widgets).

Can we create surveys with Performance Management?

Surveys are on the performance management roadmap! We are excited to include a new Survey feature in 2022. 

Can we track KPI’s?

Yes. KPI’s may be added to the Main Evaluation library under a category and assigned to the appraisal section of choice.

If a new division, location, department, or position is added to the PrismHR platform, do the new additions and changes sync to Performance Management?

Yes.  Company, job, and employee information flows into the PM system from the PrismHR Payroll.

If an employee is promoted to supervisor or manager in PrismHR, does their role in Performance Management change?

Yes. If an employee becomes a Supervisor in payroll, the individual will be a Supervisor in Performance Management and they will review the employees assigned to them.

Will all appraisal and performance documents upload into the Document Management Center in the PrismHR Payroll system?

All Performance Management documents uploaded into the system along with completed appraisals will be moved into the Document Management Center in 2022.  We are excited to include this on our roadmap!