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Employee Handbook Program (Core+)

Employee Handbook Options

Turn-key – Fully Advanstaff HR Managed Core Handbook w/ Addenda



Employee Handbook Options

Actively managing an employee handbook usually requires a lot of time and effort….. until now.

Federal and state laws, regulations, and guidelines are always changing. Legal and HR departments spend countless hours building a compliant handbook only to discover it fails to keep up with changes over the years. This process is inefficient, loosely compliant, and requires active management by key staff who’s time is much better spent doing tasks with a much higher return on investment.

A well-designed handbook keeps you in compliance with employment related laws, , defends your organization against future employment-related claims, and conveys your company’s unique culture and polices to your valuable staff and stakeholders.

This HIGHLY recommended option is provided at no cost to all PEO clients.

AdvanStaff HR’s recommended “Core +” solution is a two part handbook option with:

1) A turn-key “Core” handbook that keeps your company in compliance and checks the boxes for all major standard employment related policies and

2) A customized series of addenda with company specific policies and communication re your company culture.

Here is how it works:

Core Handbook

  • AdvanStaff HR provides a static national handbook that is compliant with all federal law and incorporates state law as applicable. This is call the “Core” handbook and is written by, updated and maintained completely by AdvanStaff experts.
  • Your company is free from creating or maintaining any content in the Core handbook.  AdvanStaff maintains full control of the Core handbook, allowing you more time to focus on your business.

Custom Addenda

  • Your AdvanStaff Human Resource Specialist will work with you to create an addendum to the Core handbook. The Addendum will contain your company specific policies such as hours of work, employment categories, PTO, bereavement, other paid time out policies and much more.
  • The Addendum can be updated with the help of your AdvanStaff Human Resource Specialist at any time.

Handbook Delivery And Storage

  • The Core handbook is posted through the electronic onboarding portal as well as to the employee and manager portals allowing instant access to all staff members.
  • The Addendum containing your company specific policies is also posted through the electronic onboarding portal (once finalized and approved by you) as well as to the employee and manager portals allowing instant access to all staff members.

Future Updates and Management

  • Updates to the Core+ handbook are implemented by AdvanStaff experts.
  • Updates to the addenda are made through a collaborative effort between your AdvanStaff Human Resource Specialist and a representative from your team.
  • Updated Core and Addenda to handbooks are posted as they are created.
  • Updates are delivered via the employee portal and acknowledged via electronic signature when appropriate.

If your company comes on board and is in love with its current handbook (or is under our ASO service model), that document can be retained and used rather than using our Core + solution above.

This is called a “Self-Directed” handbook and your company will be responsible to initiate and implement updates, validate that content is appropriate and ensure posting is accomplished.

AdvanStaff HR will provide some guidance on Self-Directed handbook content, but is not able to authorize or validate content.

AdvanStaff will post your Self-Directed handbook to both the employee onboarding portal as well as to the employee and manager web portal.