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HR Toolkit

The AdvanStaff HR Toolkit is a very powerful on-demand suite of HR tools, state-by-state compliance info, content, applications, and guidebooks to help worksite managers get the information they need, when they need it.

Staying in compliance is a whole-company effort. With the team of live, AdvanStaff HR Pros to help you design and implement effective processes, policies, and programs AND access to real-time compliance updates based on location and industry, worksite managers are more prepared than ever to conquer day-to-day challenges with the confidence.

The AdvanStaff HR toolkit access is provide to ALL worksite managers at no additional charge.

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Thousands of Articles, Guides, Templates, and Advice on the many topics below.

Managers can filter content by:

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Discipline & Termination

Terminating an employee, whether for misconduct or a reduction in force, is never a pleasant task. However, at times it is a necessary part of managing a workforce. Voluntary termination by an employee through resignation or retirement may not carry the negative stigma of an involuntary termination, but it nevertheless triggers certain responsibilities for the employer.

Forms & Policies

This section features forms and policies for your organization. Keep up with required and essential forms to keep your business running smoothly. This section also includes all the forms and policies and HR department would need through the entire employment cycle.

HR Videos

Learn how to better manage benefits, employee leave, recruitment, termination and more in these short HR training videos.

Human Resources

The individuals who make up your organization go a long way toward driving its success, whether they are employees, managers or contractors. However, while managing and recruiting personnel, Human Resources (HR) must be aware of and comply with key federal, provincial and local laws that affect your workplace.

Recruiting & Hiring

The key to successfully recruiting new employees is following a systematic process for developing job descriptions, generating a pool of candidates and selecting the right applicant. Any such process must include safeguards to ensure compliance with applicable laws, such as non-discrimination statutes and regulations at the federal, provincial and local levels. Keeping informed of best practices in areas like screening for serious candidates, evaluating applicants uniformly and crafting an effective job offer can also help employers build a productive work force. Once an offer is accepted, there are additional compliance and management issues to consider—required forms and smooth onboarding for the new hire, for example.

Reference Center

This section features helpful HR and employee benefits term definitions and Q&As.

Risk Management

This section covers a range of topic areas related to risk management and loss control. Proper risk management is essential to limiting workplace accidents, lawsuits and insurance claims. The resources in this section are aimed at helping businesses manage their exposures, transfer their risks and operate in a safe and efficient manner.


This section covers a variety of key aspects related to employee safety.

State Laws

This section features a range of state employment laws and resources. You can access and review your state’s employment laws and posters throughout this section. 


This section features a range of wellness resources.

Content Library Screenshots

Custom Job Description Builder

Access a comprehensive library of job descriptions to help you attract and hire the best candidates.

Employee Cost Calculator

Add up all of the overlooked and hidden expenses that contribute to the true cost of hiring a new employee.

HR Self-Assessment Tool

Evaluate your company’s existing HR practices and policies to identify areas for improvement.

In-person Interview Question Builder

Build a series of questions to help you learn more about a candidate during an in-person interview.

Performance Review Builder

Create a professionally developed performance appraisal that will enable employees to achieve their potential and contribute to the success of your business.

Phone Interview Question Builder

Build a customized set of phone interview questions to help you narrow your pool of job applicants.

Salary Benchmarking

The Salary Benchmarking Tool will generate a compensation report with annual or hourly compensation rates in every state for over 800 positions.

Sample Job Descriptions

Use the Sample Job Descriptions Tool to find sample job descriptions that can help you when reviewing an employee’s performance or to assist you in recruiting the best candidates.

HR Application Screenshots

Multi-State Laws Comparison Tool

The Multi-state Laws Comparison Tool will build a side-by-side comparison chart that features state labor laws that are relevant to you.

Web Accessibility Tool

Evaluation tools that helps authors make their web content more accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Compliance Application Screenshots