Premium Only Plan FSA

Section 125c
Premium Only Plan (POP)

A cafeteria plan, also known as a section 125 plan, is a written plan that allows employees to pay qualified benefit plan premium with pre-tax dollars.

A Section 125 POP doesn’t just apply to health insurance. These plans benefits can be applied to premiums for group insurance products such as:

  • Dental 
  • Vision 
  • Disability 
  • Other supplemental coverage

Look at the example to the right. Take home pay is INCREASED by $211 just by “flexing” the medical and dental premium payment.

What is needed to participate in the POP program?

You must elect to participate in any benefit program. At the time of hire and annually during open enrollment, you are able to make benefit changes and elections.

With a Premium-Only Plan, the employee does not have to make a fixed election. Advanstaff will simply “flex” all eligible premium payments on a pre-tax basis so taxes are not paid on those premium payments.

Easy Employee Savings

Employees can save 20 – 40% of their payroll deductions. The savings are on city, state, and federal income taxes, including Social Security and Medicare.

Easy Employer Savings

Employers save the matching Social Security (6.20%) and Medicare (1.45%) taxes, which equates to 7.65% (1.45% for municipalities) of all the dollars put through the plan, a substantial savings.