Training Support in the Manager Portal

Detailed training support is found on every screen of your manager portal! Use the “In-line Help”.

We think you will find the Manager Portal to be quite intuitive, but if you want to learn more about a particula screen or function, on-demand help topics are at your fingertips 24/7!

Simply click the “Question Mark” on the top-right corner, to reveal information about the screen’s functions, fields and to see links to additional related subject matter! Videos are available on select topics!

In-Line Help and Training Video icon’s in the Manager portal

Each user’s visibility to specific data is determined by your assigned worksite management role(s)

Internet Explorer and Pop-up blockers can significantly restrict functionality- Please adjust your internet properties’ security or privacy settings accordingly. Preferred browser: Google Chrome


  • In-line Help: Click the Question Mark icon at the top right of the Manager Portal screens to reveal additional screen tutorials.
  • Training Video’s: Click the Video Camera icon to access helpful video training.
  • Find Screens faster! Use the Search Bar at the top of the Manager Portal screens to quickly access the screen you need.
  • Use Favorites to save time. Keep screens you use most at your fingertips!