Ultimate Peace of Mind

AdvanStaff HR is
Accredited and Bonded by ESAC

ESAC Accreditation, the highest standard of PEO performance assurance

AdvanStaff HR clients have the constant peace of mind knowing that AdvanStaff HR is fully committed to the PEO industry’s highest level of operational and financial standards.

All PEO clients of AdvanStaff HR, an accredited PEO, are covered by a free, valuable, financial assurance program monitored and verified by the Employer Services Assurance Corp. (ESAC).

AdvanStaff HR’s accreditation through the (ESAC) provides PEO clients with protection similar to the FDIC’s coverage of your bank deposits back by a $15 million surety bond.

Confirm AdvanStaff HR’s accreditation status with ESAC and verify your assurance program coverage Here.

Benefits Include:

  • Automatic enrollment for all PEO clients paid by AdvanStaff HR.
  • $15 million of financial assurance backing each accredited PEO’s payment of important employer obligations.
  •  Comprehensive, effective compliance verification that employer liabilities such as employee wages, state and local employment taxes, health and workers’ compensation insurance, and retirement plan contributions are handled and administered properly.
  • Notification to the client directly if the PEO falls out of compliance or drops below ESAC standards.
  • Although accredited PEOs pay billions of dollars of wages, payroll taxes, insurance premiums and contributions to employee retirement plans on behalf of their clients, an ESAC accredited PEO has never had a claim against the surety bond help by the PEO.

Less than


Of all PEO’s achieve
ESAC’s required levels of reliability.

Partnering with an accredited PEO like AdvanStaff HR is the only practical way for business owners to confirm the proven reliability of their service provider.

ESAC provides time-tested independent verification and financial assurance of all key areas of PEO reliability. AdvanStaff HR voluntarily undergos this verification to be accredited and bonded it’s own expense. Compliance with more than 40 industry best practices and quarterly verification of all key employer payments, including federal and state employment taxes, health and workers’ compensation premiums, and retirement plan contributions is mandatory.