Your Dedicated Team

Your Dedicated Team

Make great HR and operational decisions with an entire team
of experienced professionals in your corner

Your Dedicated Team

Each client partner has a team of specialists to guide and assist the worksite management team. You can find your dedicated support inside the Manager / Admin Portal team using the “Home” link in the left side bar. View the screenshots below on how to add a menu item to your favorites.

Each professional service teams consists of:

  • Dedicated Human Resources Specialist
  • Dedicated Payroll Specialists
  • Dedicated Benefit Admin Specialist
  • Dedicated Employee Services Team
  • Dedicated Risk Manager
  • Dedicated Safety Specialist
  • Dedicated Unemployment Claims Specialist

The dedicated HR Specialist (HRS) is the primary contact form all things HR. If you have any questions, the HRS is the best place to start. You can email or call your HRS for a direct, personal response.

Any support tickets submitted will be routed to your HRS for a responses as fast as possible.