Onboarding Your New Hire onto the Payroll System

Time to get your newly hired candidate officially working?

Let’s get started!

Once the worksite hiring manager initiates the onboarding process from the Manager Portal, the newly-hired employee receives an email invitation to start their portion of the onboarding process.

Employees can complete their forms from anywhere, anytime, with any browser-based device (desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.)

To start the process, the manager will:

  1. Log in to the Manager Portal
  2. Navigate to the “New Hire” Screen
  3. Complete all required fields in red.
    • Be certain the “Phone” and “Email Address” fields are 100% correct. The employee will not be notified or able to be onboarded if this info is not accurate.
    • NOTE: All underlined field titles can be clicked to reveal drop-down responses.
  4. Click “Save”

Congrats your new employee is ready to begin their portion of the onboarding experience!

Frequently Asked Questions & Tips

To comply with Federal I-9 regulations, onboarding must be fully completed no later than the first day of work. Payroll processes are not able to begin until the onboarding process is complete and the i9 is fully certified by the worksite manager.

No worries at all, we are always here to help!

Your dedicated HR Specialist (HRS) is happy to assist you whenever needed. You can contact your dedicated HRS by creating a support ticket, or by contacting your HRS directly. Both will work!

Our teams are standing by to walk worksite managers through the hiring screen fields. We offer support over the phone, or by screen share, as often as needed.

Wondering how to location your dedicated support team?

Worksite Managers must have User Role permissions granted, in order to access these maintenance screens. See your manager or contact AdvanStaff HR for help or details related to your user credentials.

When you are hiring for an option that is not visible in the drop-down screen, it must be added to your client account database by an AdvanStaff HR representative. Contact us, and we will quickly assist you in processing the hire ASAP!

Pro Tip! All Underlined fields can be clicked on to reveal the drop-down responses!