User Account System Access Credentials Request

AdvanStaff HR’s User Credentials are issued to all AdvanStaff employees. These basic credentials grant permission to access and update personal information on the Employee Self-Service portal.

These credentials are intended to be unique and are equal to the identity of a single person. In our platform, it is synonymous with their name and signature! As such, the username is issued by AdvanStaff and the password is private and controlled by the user.

This standard is in place to maintain the integrity of that individual’s electronic signature as well as the audited actions taken within our system, like data entries, authorizations, selections, and approvals. As such, user credentials are never to be shared, reused nor should they be associated with an email address or phone number that is shared.

Employers are in control of the Worksite. Employers may upgrade the employee’s credentials and grant additional Client Account Access permissions, through approving them for a Worksite Manager (WSM) Role and by layering on additional HR Roles, for a variety of responsibilities.

Conversely, employers may also downgrade or remove any of the associated WSM Roles previously granted to any employee. They can even request to remove all of the WSM supervisory roles and have the employee restored to their basic Employee level.

Please allow 2-3 business days for Worksite Manager Client Access Credential Updates to be completed.

Trusted Advisors, non-employees such as accounting firm associates, can be granted credentials for access to your client data credentials in a similar fashion as well.

*SPECIAL NOTE: Not all Client Accounts were structured to accommodate Department, Division or Location security restrictions at the time of initial set-up. Contact your Client Success Account Representative at to submit a case for reviewing and updating your database to accommodate your present needs!