Group Dental Insurance (MetLife)

AdvanStaff HR
Group Dental Insurance

provided by MetLife

Dental Insurance

AdvanStaff HR is delighted to offer a comprehensive dental plan to our worksite employer groups.

Plan offerings are made at the direction of the worksite employer. If your worksite offers a dental plan, then you will enroll at the time of hiring or through annual open enrollment via the employee portal.

If dental coverage is offered by your employer, it is usually offered to full-time employees who opt-in to the plan. Employee contributions are made via payroll deductions.

It is important you first verify the carrier, the plan, and then the coverages available to you.

It’s important you verify coverage before choosing a dental provider.

To verify coverage:

  1. Log in to the Employee Portal
  2. Click on the “Benefits Tab”
  3. Click on the “Summary” (see image below)
  4. Confirm for your dental plan and coverage

Any benefit plan enrollments will be listed on this page. Here you can verify the carrier, plan name, enrollment status, and your monthly contribution amount.

Once you verify enrollment, you know your carrier and plan to find a contracted provider.

Important Note

AdvanStaff offers a “master” policy dental plan. A master policy is a very competitive, full featured group insurance plan offered by many of our worksite employers.

If the benefit program listed on the employee portal benefit summary is not identified as “MetLife” then it is possible your employer offers a unique plan specific to your group.

If that carrier is not listed in the Employee Info Center on the AdvanStaff website, then please contact our benefits department for assistance.

Once you confirm you are enrolled in MetLife Dental, you have several options to find a provider in your area.


Contact your favorite provider and ask if they are an in-network provider for MetLife Dental coverage. If so, you are all set!


Your Dental provider may technically accept MetLife coverage but may not be contracted with MetLife as an in-network provider. This means they may not mutually agree to a bill rate but will accept partial payment from MetLife. In this case, the provider will “balance bill” the patient at an additional cost.

The carrier will still pay the contracted allowable amount to your dentist, but you will be responsible for any billed amount remaining over the contracted provider rate.

Is your current dentist not contracted with MetLife? Nominate them below!

MetLife makes it easy to access your benefits.

With their paperless system, there are no identification cards to track. Your member ID is your SSN and any dependents will also be verified using your SSN. You may also be asked for your DOB and the Group #159525.

Simply register and log into the portal to access your benefits account.

Find a provider, view your claims, access your digital ID card and more.


Go to
Search your employer as: AdvanStaff, Inc. – 5369714
Click “Register Now”
Enter in your email, DOB, zip code, and SSN
Confirm your registration and create a password

You may see previous policies on your MetLife portal


Download the app to your phone
Enter your zip code and select the PDP Plus network
Follow the prompts to register 

You may need to create an online account first if you haven’t logged in within the last year

For issues accessing your account, please call MetLife Member Support at 1-800-638-5433.

Click the button below to access more resources on oral health eduction:

Understanding your Explanation of Dental Benefits Statement

If you have any questions regarding the benefit plans available to you, please start by contacting the AdvanStaff HR benefits department.

A benefit specialist will respond promptly. You may also request a one-on-one consultation at any time. We are happy to help.