Pre-paid VISA Paycard

Offer Direct Deposit
to ALL your Employees

Help your employees get paid faster and more securely with
a banking solution fully integrated into the employee portal

Direct Deposit for all Employees

Employees want to get paid whenever they need. Now, with the AdvanStaff HR Visa Prepaid Card, they can.

No Administration Needed

ZayZoon Visa Prepaid Card is unlike a payroll card, which is owned and administered by the employer; this card takes no administration whatsoever by the employer.

Employees Skip the Fees

No monthly maintenance fee attached.

Employees even have access to earned wages without the $5 payout fee. Free risk free wage advances!

Easy Access for Employees

Prepaid cards do not require a credit check. This means it will be more easily accessible to an employee than traditional bank cards. Employees can easily enroll right from the Employee Portal in a snap!


No employer on / off -boarding required. It all happens in the AdvanStaff HR Employee Portal. Employees can use their Visa Prepaid Card as direct deposit if they have a second job or reload funds themselves. Each card has an official routing and account number just like a bank account. Setup for direct deposit is easy.

Funds are Safe

The Visa Prepaid Card is offered by our FDIC insured bank partner, so all funds are safe.