How To Save On Medical costs

How To Save On Medical costs

Tips on how to save money while using your benefits

Knowing how to cost-effectively access your plans benefits will save you money and get your the most bang for your buck. Making wise choices will significantly reduce unnecessary expenses and enhance you overall satisfaction with your benefit program.

Easy ways to save on medical related expenses

Utilizing contracted, in-network providers will ensure you are receiving the maximum in discounts and the highest level of coverage  under your plan!

Anytime you visit the hospital for care, you will be paying out of pocket a considerable amount.

When possible, visit a Quick Care / Urgent Care Center for much more affordable (and usually faster) service.

Many Carriers now offer virtual doctor visit via a mobile app at a very small or even zero co-pay. Check your policy info page in the Employee Information Center for Virtual Office Visits options with your carrier.

Most plans offered by AdvanStaff HR include free visits from the NowClinic.

Did you know some drugs are much more expensing than the premium cost alone? Health Insurance providers will cost share very expensive drugs but often cover lower cost alternatives at a much higher percentage. Talk to your doctor about drug costs to control your costs when possible.

Good Rx is an excellent resource on checking drug prices. It’s interesting see the true cost of prescription drugs.

We provide helpful plan information in our employee info center with links to carrier portals, provider directories, and ways to save on many services.

These plans can save you taxes on out of pocket medical expenses.