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Time Sheet Submission for Payroll Processing

  • Log in to the Manager Portal for your AdvanStaff HR Client Account.
  • Navigate to My Payrolls
  • Select Time Sheet Entry
  • Click on the underlined payroll # to open the time sheet summary
  • Begin adding entries onto the time sheet
    • PRO TIP: Need additional codes not visible on the time sheet summary?
      • Click on the Employee’s Name for a detailed entry
      • Click on the underlined text to select appropriate code(s)
      • Enter hours/units/dollar amount in applicable fields
      • Click Save when complete
  • Click Finalize to submit your completed time sheet to your Payroll Representative for review
*Worksite Mangers must have User Role permissions granted in order to access these maintenance screens. See your manager or contact AdvanStaff HR for help or details related to your user credentials.