Employee Onboarding

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Save time and money from day one with efficient,
compliant, paperless employee onboarding!

Anywhere, Anytime Paperless Onboarding

Newly-hired employees use a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer to quickly complete the mandated employment forms required by federal, state, and local governments to complete their new-hire documents.

The paperless online platform provided by AdvanStaff HR allows for efficiency and time savings which leads to less effort spent completing forms and more resources available to run the business.

Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop Friendly

Empower Managers

Hiring managers kick-off the hire process directly from the manager portal.

No need to schedule, travel, or wait for enrollment meetings.

Gain Efficiency and Save Money

Efficient new-hire processing reduces labor costs and gets the your new hires to work faster.

Increase Compliance

Digitized forms are customized to your company specifications and presented to the employee based on the employer’s preferences.

An Eco-Friendly Solution

Paperless onboarding saves anywhere from 75-150 pages of paper per employee while businesses commit to eco-friendly practices, save labor and protect the environment.

Speed & Accuracy

Paperless form data are validated on the fly to help ensure consistency and completeness.

Electronically collected information does not require manual transcribing and eliminates human error.

All Systems Connect Beautifully

All systems connect. Applicant tracking, new hire processing, benefit enrollment, learning management and training, paperless employee maintenance, and more.

Data Sheet

You hire team members to add value to your organization. The faster you can get them onboarded, the more value they add.

Employees are eager to get started, they want to get to work!

With paperless anytime, anywhere onboarding, team members can get to work in minutes, not days.

No more:

  • scheduling onboarding meetings. Managers kick off the onboarding process through the secure manager portal.
  • required travel to HR office. Employees can enroll anytime, anywhere, even overnight right from their own home.
  • waiting for manual paperwork to be completed. Employee paperwork can be completed in as little as 10 minutes, not hours.
  • paying employees to attend offsite orientation. Save direct labor costs through technical and efficient systems.

Most definitely!

Paperwork is messy, unreliable, and leads to the need to transcribe content and transfer paper. That’s a risk that you should not take on for your business.

You wouldn’t want to have an employee accidentally stumble across someone’s I-9 or benefit enrollment documents. Not having to transcribe information from paper form to electronic systems increase data accuracy and improves data privacy.

There is NO ADDITIONAL COST for client companies to use paperless onboarding.

AdvanStaff HR has invested millions of dollars and thousands of work hours to build technology that is integrated and works.

Yes! talk to our paperless onboarding specialist about digitizing any custom forms you’d like your employees to complete during orientation.

Employee handbooks, acknowledgment statements, confidentiality agreements, direct deposit forms, tax forms, state & federal mandated forms and more are already digitized. Other forms can be added as needed.

Our platform is agile. Custom business rules automate the forms presented to the new hire based on work state, worksite location, position, etc. Managers have control at several layers of automation.

First, schedule an implementation consultation with AdvanStaff.

Our onboarding specialist will review your company’s onboarding practices with you and make recommendations.

Our teams does most (if not nearly all) the work. We’ve been here before, we’ve got this!

Of course!

Our technical team is available to help! We have a selection of videos and guides to familiarize the system features and processes to get you on your way quickly.

You can always open a support ticket or give us a call.

Manager Training Video

Ready to onboard your first paperless new hire employee? Let’s go!


  1. Login to the Manager Portal.
  2. Navigate to the “The New Hire” screen located in MY EMPLOYEES > ACTION > NEW HIRE. You can also search for “New Hire” in the search window. We recommend saving that page as a favorite.
  3. Start processing your new hire.

Required fields are highlighted in red. Click on underlined blue key words for field fill options.

A few helpful notes:

  • Add a personal email address for the employee the new hire will receive an email with registration instructions so they can begin enrolling anytime, anywhere.
  • Pay Rate Basis is:
    • Hourly for Hourly employees and
    • Yearly for Salary employees.
  • If you receive a message indicating that the employee is already in the system (aka cross-hire), please have the new hire fill out paper forms and send to AdvanStaff HR. Cross-hire functionality is coming soon.
  • 1099 employees are not yet supported. Please have them fill out paper forms and send to AdvanStaff HR.

If all information is entered the new hire will be assigned a “pre-hire record” shown at the bottom of the screen after the “Save” button is clicked.

The pre-hire record will remain until all sections of the new hire workflow are completed.

The remaining fields on this screen will be submitted by the employee via the Employee Self Service (aka ESS) portal.

Once the worksite hiring manager has completed the new hire form, the new hire employee is ready to enroll.

If the manager entered a personal email address on the new hire form, the new hire will receive a welcome email with a link to register in the Employee Portal.


The new hire will need:

  • Last name – the employee must use full legal last name. This entry must match exactly what was submitted on the New Hire screen.
  • Social Security Number – This entry must match exactly what was submitted on the New Hire screen.
  • Personal Email Address

The new hire employee will be asked to create a unique username and password. This login will be used for the Employee Self Service portal after onboarding.

Once that is keyed, the employee should click on the “Register” button to complete the registration process.

Once registered, the employee will be automatically redirected back to the login page where they will need to enter their unique username and password. Once all information is entered and validated by the system, the employee will be able to start their New Hire workflow.

If the employee can’t kick off the onboarding process, then there is likely a logical reason. Let’s take a look.


This is usually caused by the new hire employee entering a Last Name or SSN that is different from the information the manager entered on the New Hire form.

To see or edit the data entered on the new hire form, go to WORKFLOW MAINTENANCE. (see image)

Enter the following information and click Search.

  • Workflow Type: Onboarding
  • Action: Edit
  • Client ID: Client ID

Select Edit for the new hire who is having an issue with registration.

  1. Verify new hire’s name and SSN with the new hire.
  2. Correct the information and save.
  3. Have the new hire retry the registration.

If an issue persists, you can direct the manager or new hire to call AdvanStaff HR.

Once the employee gets started, a critical element of onboarding is completing the Form I-9. AdvanStaff pros are here to assist!

Once the employee has completed all required forms and submitted their section of the New Hire workflow, the hiring manager will receive an “Action Required” email notifying them to complete the I-9 Section 2.

By federal requirement, Section 2 of the I-9 must be completed within 3 days of the employee’s hire date.

Hiring Managers are required to approve the I-9


When the hiring manager (or Section 2 I-9 Approvers) login to the Manager Portal, they will notice a red notification check mark appear on the upper right portion of their screen. When the check mark is clicked the Approvals Pending screen will appear.

The I-9 Section 2 Approver should then:

  1. click on the I-9 Section 2 for the employee under Approvals Pending (Available to You) screen
  2. click “Grab” to put it in their own queue (Once “grabbed” no one else will have access to that form to approve)
  3. click on the I-9 Section 2 in Approvals Pending (Assigned to You)

Section 1, review with the employee.

If something is incorrect, click “Deny” to allow the employee to edit the I-9 Section 1 on their side. The employee will need to log back into Employee Self Service to redo their I9 Section 1.

If all is correct, click “Next.” This is where the I-9 Section 2 Approver enters the Identification document(s).

Section 2, certify the documents

The last page is the I-9 Section 2 Certification screen. Be sure to check the box to electronically sign the I-9.

The approver will be required to enter:

  • Their position/Job title
  • Last name – use your full legal last name
  • First name – use your full legal first name

Verify that the employer information is shown as:

  • The company’s DBA name
  • The company’s worksite address
  • Click “Next.”
  • Double check everything is accurate
  • Click “Submit.”

Watch the Paperless I-9 Manager Training Video

Re-hiring an employee

If you are ready to re-hire an employee, then the process is a little different than processing a new hire.

NOTE: Never enter an employee utilizing a different, new or alternate Social Security Number (SSN) as a new hire.

Please watch the training video below:

Re-hire System Training for Managers