FinFit – Personal Financial Tools for Employees

Personal Finance Tools & Resources for Employees

It’s a situation often brought on by various circumstances; from unexpected expenses to lack of access to proper financial education. With subprime credit, individuals face many obstacles such as high interest rates, limited access to financing options and difficulties securing housing, all which can impact financial well-being.

Make the Most of Your Benefits Package

As an employee, it’s essential to maximize your employee benefits because compensation goes beyond your paycheck. Utilizing the voluntary benefits available can help improve your physical and mental health and help you save and manage your hard-earned paycheck!

Explore all of the products, tools, and services included in your FinFit membership:

Whether you need one-on-one budget coaching, help with specific debt concerns, major life events, or guidance with mortgage, vehicle, or student loan decisions, with FinFit, you have access to the professional financial coaching that may have previously been out of reach, free of charge.

A powerful tool to help manage money and chart a course toward forever financial freedom.

  • Securely link financial accounts
  • Track spending
  • Identify trends
  • Set goals and budgets
  • Identify net worth
  • Receive alerts

Personalized assessment and planning tools recognize your unique spending, saving, and borrowing habits.

  • A personalized financial wellness score
  • Access to an easy-to-understand visual budget
  • Benchmarks to see where you stack up in comparison to peers
  • An actionable financial plan with personalized tools and resources
  • Access to a highly interactive platform offering relevant feedback in real-time

This premier financial education platform makes it simple to identify the skills necessary to achieve personal financial wellness by covering topics including:

  • Managing Credit/Debt
  • Credit Scores
  • Buying a Home
  • Budgeting & Saving
  • Investing
  • College and Student Loans
  • Planning for Life Events
  • Retirement Readiness

FinFit helps out with short-term employee loans. Their loans are designed to provide the financial relief needed to get back on track.

Log into your Employee Portal and navigate to the Affordable Credit Solutions tile to submit your application and find out what you’re eligible for.

  • Minimum 3-month employment tenure and $10/hour hourly rate
  • Soft credit check
  • The average term is approximately five months, paid through direct deposit set up by AdvanStaff HR.
  • Minimum loan amount = $300
  • Maximum loan amount = 50% of gross monthly income

Facilitated through FinFit and AdvanSaff HR

Additional features:

  • 22 Interactive Educational Modules
  • 20 Budgeting Calculators
  • Flexible Credit Options
  • Member rewards and more!

Check out your FinFit benefit today.