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Swipeclock TimeWorksPlus

TimeWorksPlus with AdvanStaff HRIS integration simplifies payroll processing and helps ensure compliance while reducing labor costs. This solution was developed for small to medium organizations who need flexible clock options, streamlined setup, and customizable features for a dynamic and mobile workforce. The HRIS integration streamlines data flow between the Swipeclock and AdvanStaff HRIS applications making an extremely efficient time and labor management soltuion.

Eliminate the Challenges of Time & Attendance

TimeWorksPlus delivers the latest in cloud-based punch and time card services supporting intelligent clock features and a wide range of clocks. Track and manage punches, time cards, time-off requests and accruals. Seamlessly integrates with AdvanStaff HR payroll services.

Web and hardware clocks available. Geofencing features are also available with the TimeWorks Mobile App.

Our in-house developers have connected the payroll PTO ledger to Swipeclock.

TimeWorksPlus is a cloud-based time and attendance service that…

  • Gets rid of paper and spreadsheets
  • Simplifies time card reconciliation
  • Streamlines payroll processing through direct integration with AdvanStaff HR payroll systems.
  • Provides easy employee punching
  • Installs in minutes
  • Manages meal and time keeping compliance

A unified experience across all devices

TimeWorksPlus integrates with AdvanStaff’s payroll system with the click of a button. Employees, managers and HR/payroll processors all benefit with easy access, intelligent clock features, strategic insights and self-service control.

Swipeclock Advantages

Following are just a few advantages SwipeClock offers with its modern time keeping solution:

  • Integrates seamlessly with AdvanStaff HR’s Payroll software
  • Easy and manageable employee punching from any internet enabled device or SwipeClock device sold separately
  • Manages meal, time keeping, and over-time compliance
  • Ability to implement schedule rounding to decrease non scheduled over-time
  • Automatic holiday population and pay calculations to decrease administration time
  • Custom reporting
  • Mobile App and Employee Self-Service Portal
  • Shift differentials specific to your business requirements

Save time and effort spent figuring out if employees clock in and out at the right location. The IP address used to clock in can be limited to devices at the worksite. In addition, Geofencing is available at an additional cost. This module makes it easy to see if employees are clocking in from the correct location. Draw a geofence around each site and assign employees. Color-coded pins on a filtered map view make outliers obvious. Using this module, you can see employees’ GPS location at clock-in and their position relative to the geofence.

In addition to TimeWorksPlus, the scheduling module from TimeSimplicity delivers dynamic, multi-shift, requirements-based, advanced scheduling capabilities. Simplify creation and management of complex schedules while accommodating employee preferences, required skills, labor law constraints and much more. Create templates which can be re-used week over week. Enable employees to request schedule changes. Be alerted to any schedule deviations and eliminate unplanned overtime.

Swipeclock PTO Integration

A tricky part of time-clock integrations is synchronizing PTO balances between the payroll / HRIS system (The source of truth) and the time keeping solution which is often used for scheduling and managing time off requests.

AdvanStaff HR’s payroll system (Prism) updates the Swipeclock PTO registers every pay period when payroll is processed.

This custom integration:

  • allows employees to view their balances in either the Employee Portal or the Swipeclock system.
  • gives worksite managers the visibility they need to decide whether or not to approve PTO/Vacation requests.
Manager View
Employee View

Empower your organization and cut down admin time across your company. Employees will be able to clock in from a company device or in the case of a remote workforce, from their personal device from any location. This clock-in option is included with the TimeWorksPlus service.

The best-seller, Touch clock requires a unique fingerprint to prevent “buddy-punching.” It can include additional smart prompts to track breaks, meals, and clocking between multiple departments/positions/locations.

The most affordable clock option. Increase productivity with fast clock in time. Eliminates clock in errors and manual time entry. Includes a card reader and PIN pad.

This clock is similar to Punch but it includes a fingerprint reader & proximity/fob reader.

Vision includes all the same intelligent clock features as the Touch clock but it also includes facial, touchless recognition, which is not affected by worn or gloved fingerprints. Ideal for hospitality settings. Minimal contact prevents the spread of germs on high touch and shared surfaces.

This clock is similar to the Vision clock and includes a thermal scanner. It will prevent employees with a fever from clocking in after their face and temperature have been verified.