Group & Voluntary Life Insurance Coverage for Dependents (MetLife)

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Group Life (& AD&D) Insurance

What is Group Life Insurance?

Many employers (but not all) provide a basic amount of FREE life insurance as part of their benefit package for full-time employees. This insurance is guaranty issue and a value-able benefit for your family or loved ones.

In addition to the basic amount of free coverage, eligible employees may also buy additional coverage for themselves and for dependents by way of payroll deduction. Coverage elections are made during initial benefits enrollments and during annual open enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For basic coverage provided and paid by your employer, you don’t need to do anything to enroll. You will automatically be enrolled by the AdvanStaff Benefits Department once you are eligible for the plan.

For additional, voluntary coverage you can enroll two ways:

  1. At initial benefit enrollment at the time of hire
  2. At annual open enrollment

Enrollment is handled in the benefits enrollment portal which is part of the employee portal.

You can change your beneficiary at any time at open enrollment online, or by completing and returning the form below.

Reasons for buying life insurance through work

There are three main advantages to buying supplemental group life insurance through your employer: convenience, price, and acceptance.

Convenience is key to those who know they need life insurance but haven’t bought it yet. Getting coverage through work can be the easiest way to protect your family.

It also can be a good deal, sometimes offering rates you can’t beat by shopping around.

Finally, people with serious medical conditions may qualify for a much better rate through the group policy than they could get on their own. A medical exam is not required, although you might have to fill out a detailed questionnaire.