Workers Compensation Program and Policy Administration

Workers’ Compensation Program
and Policy Administration Services

Are you ready for end-to-end workers’ compensation program management? Gone are the days of worrying about obtaining coverage, policy renewals, end-of-year audits, managing claims, dealing with carriers and all the busy work and hassle of managing coverage on your own. You have a team of professionals with decades of experience at your service.

Workers’ Compensation Administrative Services include:

  • Assist with policy underwriting process and policy renewals
  • Calculate and collect premiums for each employee per payroll (pay-as-you-go premium billing)
  • Remit premiums to carrier
  • Employee classications and policy year-end audits
  • Process workers’ compensation certicate requests
  • OSHA 300/A Log publication
  • And much, much more! We eliminate the need for new policy deposits and premium payment schedules. We collect premium every pay period based upon actual payroll reported, no more estimates, no more year-end audit surprise. It’s time to get back to work.