Intro to Reporting

Intro to Reporting

The AdvanStaff HR Cloud
offers a huge library of payroll, benefit, and HR reports.

See your data, your way. Endless possibilities.

Get Rapid Insight Into Key Metrics

Your team and client managers can analyze, understand and act on data to run your business better than ever before.

With pre-built reports for basically any payroll, HR, or benefits data, worksite managers and executive teams can rapidly filter and view data by date, location, division, department, status, or a wide range of other parameters. Dig deeper and view the data you want — how you want — via Excel or ad-hoc reports, or integrate all HR Cloud data with your own HR reporting tools or data warehouse using AdvanStaff HR’s API.

Build and schedule custom reports, or have our technical services department buildit for you? It’s how we help you!

Easy, Secure Access

View and analyze your data from anywhere with secure, easy to use, web-based reports and access to for you and your clients.

Easily define roles and access to specific reports to ensure that only the right people can see data they need. Set security groups and roles as needed to share data securely.

Your Data, Your Way

With ad-hoc reports, you can drag and drop fields, group data, move columns, sort and filter to create the reports you want, with the data you want. Share HR reports via email, and schedule reports to be delivered by email, SFTP and more.

And with a highly flexible security model, reports can be shared with client managers, so they can see what they need.

Report Center

The PrismHR Report Center is a central location to find, organize, and launch reports. Icons, descriptions, and previews make it easy to quickly find what you’re looking for and run reports across one or more of your clients.

No report coding necessary and your dedicated support team will help you located and build a report upon request.

Schedule and run a routine report automatically and retrieve it from the secure portal.

Interactive Reports

Our “Report Center” HR reporting tool is highly flexible and customizable to allow you to filter, sort, and aggregate report data in real time. Visuals like charts, graphs, and maps make it easy to visualize report data and share with stakeholders.

Data Retriever

Data Retriever is another reporting feature in the AdvanStaff HR Cloud that allows you to get fast, easy access to employee data at the field level to generate custom reports that are not available in pre-canned reports.

With the ability to quickly export to Excel and save templated reports, satisfying special reporting requests is quick and efficient.  Client managers have access to Data Retriever to your clients so they can generate their own on-demand reports using our HR reporting tool.