Employee Portal (ESS)

Employee Portal (ESS)

The Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal is a secure, convenient way for employees to access their pay stubs, tax forms, see pay history, enroll in benefits, review employee benefit participation and plan features, access employee perks, and much, much more!

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Personal Info:

  • Verify employment details
  • Manage address (resident, mailing, W-2/1099)
  • Manage contact info (business, personal, email, phone, mobile) & contact preferences
  • Designate emergency contacts
  • Manage driving licenses, vehicles, etc.

Pay history & management:

Tax management and forms:

Employee Benefits:

  • Benefit participation summary
  • On-line benefit enrollment
    • New-hire enrollment
    • Annual and special open enrollment
    • Benefit enrollment confirmations
  • 401k Retirement savings balance and account access (SSO)
  • Flex-Spending Account (FSA) management (SSO)

Time Clock (SSO):

  • Easy employee login
  • Punch-in / out

Performance Management (SSO):

  • See manager feedback
  • See pending reviews

Learning Courses (SSO)

PTO Balance and History

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Employee Portal FAQs

The Employee Portal can be access with any web-browser enabled device or any mobile device on the Apple or Android OS.

  1. Using your desktop, tablet, or phone browser: Click Here
  2. Download the AdvanStaff ESS mobile app:
Download from the Apple App Store
Download from the Google Play Store

We take account access extremely seriously. As a result, registering to the portal, resetting passwords, and retrieving usernames requires exact information matches.

The system validates the information you enter against the information we have listed in your employee profile. An exact match is required to log in.

Common issues which would prevent successful access:

In this case, you can use your old credentials and select the employer once you enter the portal.

The lock-out period will last for approximately 10 minutes

If your email address is missing, or incorrect, you will need to either (1) have your hiring manager correct the mistake, or call us at (702) 598-0000 to validate your identity and to update your email address.

Once you can securely access your account, you will be able to update your personal information.

Please use the “Forgot Username” link located just below the login window to have your correct username sent to you via email.

Please use the “Forgot Password” link located just below the login window to have a “reset password” link sent you via email.

If your name in the payroll/HR system was not entered correctly, then it will need to be fixed before you can register your account. Please contact your worksite manager to fix any errors. You may also call our support line at (702) 598-0000 to speak with a support specialist for help.

Each request invalidates the previously requested code. Please request a new code.

If your authorization code is not received, it means:

  1. we may not have your mobile number on file or it may not be correct.
  2. we may not have your correct email address on file.

We recommend using a mobile device for account confirmations as some email providers send our confirmation messages to spam.

If you used your email address and the message wasn’t received, please be sure to check your junk/spam box to be sure the message wasn’t filtered away from your inbox.

Please speak with your worksite manager to correct the error or call us at (702) 598-000 during business hours.

You can reset your password using a link located on the employee portal login screen.

Your username cannot be changed. If you forget your username, we can remind you by clicking on the “Forgot Username?” link at the portal login page.

Link to portal

ESS Login Page

An email or phone authentication will be sent to the email address / mobile number you have already on file.

TIP: Please make sure your personal contact info is always up-to-date in case you need to reset your password or register a new device to your account.

Multi-factor authentication is a 2nd layer of security required to keep your account secure. In addition to a username/password combination to access your account, we require each device to be authorized by you.

You will see a prompt for an Account Access Confirmation when logging in to your ESS profile from an unregistered device. We will send a security code to your authorized email address or mobile number to confirm the access is authorized.

If you are unsure of the cell number or email on file, feel free to call our main office at (702) 598-0000 to confirm what information we have on file.

We require each device to be re-registered at a regular interval for security purposes.

AdvanStaff HR takes security seriously.

Password change requirements prompt on a regular basis. We know in a world of many passwords, keeping up with changes can be frustrating, but please understand our business does all we can to protect access to the personal data that resides on our platforms.

Because regular password changes are a feature of our security protocols, this password change requirement is not optional, nor do our Employee Services staff members have the authority to override it.

If you continue to experience trouble logging in, please contact our Client Success team at (702) 598-0000 between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. for live assistance.