OSHA 300/A General Info

Employers with more than 10 employees must post the federally required OSHA 300A Summary no later than Feb 1.

What is a OSHA 300A log?

The OSHA 300A Summary is a log of serious work-related injuries & illnesses and required by OSHA to be kept by the employer.

If AdvanStaff HR is managing your workers compensation program AND is the assigned agent on the plan, then we are also keeping track of injuries and helping comply with record keeping requirements.

Why Use AdvanStaff HR Risk Management Services?

Because we do so much for you! Unlike a standard insurance agent, we are a full team to help with many facets of the workers compensation program.

If the AdvanStaff HR risk management department is the assigned agent of your workers compensation policy, then we are there with you nearly every step of the way. We will prepare your OSHA 300A logs adn make them available online and ready to print.

All you need to do is simply, print, sign & post the summary report alongside your other required workplace notices.

Need some help?

Contact our Risk Department to learn more about OSHA’s posting requirements. We are happy to help evaluate if your company is in compliance. We can also discuss what AdvanStaff HR can do to assist your company now and in the future!

Need a training refresher?
It’s easy to forget what constitutes a workplace injury or illness reporting plan and how to properly document an incident. AdvanStaff HR can provide training for your staff on this subject which greatly increase the timeliness and accuracy of your reporting.

Learn More About OSHA 300A
As always, we are here to help answer any questions you may have! To learn more about this and other OSHA requirements, visit OSHA.GOV .

**OSHA 300A reports are sent to clients whose Workers Compensation Program is directly managed by AdvanStaff HR. If your program is managed by a third party, you may contact us to learn what to request from them for this posting requirement.