Workplace Safety Program Assistance

Workplace Safety Program Assistance

Our OSHA certified safety experts consider general exposures, hazards, and controls. Then they work with you to develop ways to correct any deficiencies. We assist in developing a customized safety program to protect your employees, save you time, and reduce risk.

Safety program consulting

Our safety consultants will review your current safety program and how it is implemented. We also review and evaluate your losses by type, cause and frequency, and suggest recommendations to control them.

The HR Toolkit

The AdvanStaff HR Toolkit is a resource available to all managers. The content library is full of safety and other guidance to help managers of various industries.

Why use AdvanSta HR’s Safety Program and Risk Management?

  • Safety program design assistance from OSHA-certied experts
  • Identify potential work-site hazards and problem areas that could end up injuring your workforce, lower productivity, and cost you money.
  • Minimize the risk exposure for future accidents through education and awareness of workplace safety practices.
  • Create a positive work environment where employees feel empowered and secure.
  • Mod Rate Monitoring and Consultations. Higher level OSHA training and certication programs are available as part of our ancillary safety and risk management services. Fees associated with these additional programs will vary based upon the business industry standard guidelines and regulations and with the specic needs and requests of the client.