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Report Center is a very powerful, customizable reporting tool that allows worksite managers to access their data in an easy-to-use, flexible, interface.

Report Center Features:

  • 100s of predefined report templates available
  • Search for the best template by name, category, keyword, etc.
  • Accessible in both the Manager Portal and/or the Employee Portal
  • Easily customize and save a report for repeat use
  • Export data to PDF, CSV, and XLS formats
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Auto-schedule reports to run on custom intervals
  • Complex pivot table support
  • Single AND Multi-worksite support, aggregate data across multiple client IDs for top-level view of ALL your data.
  • Get help building the perfect report from AdvanStaff HR pros.

Report access is role-based. Only the reports for which your role has access privileges are available in Report Center. Contact your HR Specialist with any access questions.

Training and References

Report Center Basics

From the Manager Portal

From the Manager Portal navigation toolbar, click (Reports) and select “Reports” from the Report Center section.

Alternatively, type “Report Center” to access interactive reports or even individual interactive report names into the global search bar.

Report Center opens in a new window where you can launch reports by clicking the title.

From the Employee Portal

The employee portal also support many worksite manager functions.

Designated worksite managers who do not need access to the full-featured admin portal can be granted secure, multi-level access to the report center utility in the “employee portal”

Please contact your HR Specialist with any questions.

The Advanstaff HR Cloud platform is EXCELLENT for managing multiple worksites in one place.

Stringent security protocols and access control rules allow multi-site managers to easily access data by individual client ID, or in aggregate across many worksite FEINs. This is extremely powerful when managing control groups or making decisions across many FEINS.

To change the worksite included in a report, use the client selector. You can select one or many client IDs.

After launching a report, use the toolbar on the top of a report to adjust the data and views.

Use the search bar and Filter icon to filter on a certain value within or across columns.
You can choose which columns are displayed in the grid, group data by columns, and aggregate data within a column.

You can also view the data in a pivot view or export the entire report to csv, Excel, or pdf formats.

Sorting and filtering actions are also available via the column titles in the report grid. Click the down arrow next to the column name, and a quick access menu
will appear.

You can change the order in which columns are displayed by dragging and dropping them to the desired location within the grid.

The Pivot View provides an interactive view that lets you look at your data from many different perspectives. Use Rows, Columns, and Values to select which data appears in the grid.