HR Services

Our team takes care of the HR administrative tasks you don’t have time for, allowing you to focus on your business, not paperwork.

a woman with a clipboard at Nevada business office after discussing hr services and solutions

Payroll Admin

  • Withholdings, deductions, garnishments
  • Form 940/941
  • Form W-2 and W-4s
  • Record keeping
  • Enrollment in all benefit plans
  • Open enrollment management and changes
  • ACA reporting
  • Benefit carrier communication

HR Admin

  • Paperless online onboarding
  • New hire reporting
  • Employee handbooks & policies
  • Employment law compliance
two people sitting at the coffee table and working on hr and payroll solutions for small business in Nevada

Your Trusted HR Partner

From employment law compliance to performance management and terminations, our HR experts have you covered. We’re here to support your strategic, proactive, and everyday HR initiatives every step of the way.

Partnering with us means daily access to your dedicated HR Specialist for strategic advice and personalized support via call, email, or in person – we’re here for you when it counts!

Get New Hire Up to Speed Quickly

Whether it’s your very first or five-hundredth employee, AdvanStaff HR can help you provide a seamless onboarding experience. Stay organized and on track with our onboarding tools, ensuring new hires feel welcomed and supported from day one.

Our onboarding tools help you:

  • Provide an easy paperless process for new hires
  • Manage new hire information and documents efficiently
  • Automate manual onboarding tasks
  • Quickly view new hire statuses and dashboards
two people sitting at the desk and working on hr solutions and services for small business in Nevada
a woman showing hr solutions and services to a small business owner in Nevada

Transform Policies Into Resources

Bring clarity to your company’s policies and procedures with our core handbook which contains all standard and recommended policies to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal employment laws.  

Also included is a handbook addendum with all of your company-specific policies to enhance employee understanding and accessibility to those policies. Your dedicated HR Specialist conducts regular monitoring, ensuring your handbook stays compliant with the latest changes in laws and policies.

“Advanstaff takes all the headaches out of managing HR. Their platform is simple to use, and their staff is always available to answer questions.”

Jereme Barnes, All Metro Tech

Get HR Services Anytime, Anywhere

We provide full-service support to our PEO customers whenever and wherever they need it. Whether via phone, email, chat, or an in-person meeting, our dedicated HR team is available and prepared to handle any tough questions you may have.

a group of Nevada business employees sitting at their desks after implementing new hr solution

Make it easier to manage your employees.