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AdvanStaff is your partner to provide a web portal to access management information, reporting and system functionality as well as information on how to use AdvanStaff services.

With AdvanStaff HR as your HR Partner,  owners and managers have access to the best people, systems, and products available. Our programs and technology enable you to reward employees so you get the best from your team. Key managers and executives can now focus on the most important aspects of running the business, serving customers, and generating revenue.

We offer may ways to get direct support from your dedicated team.

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Most Common Questions

Protip: you can quickly jump between the Manager Portal and Enhanced Employee Portal by using the “Profile” link at the top right of the Manager Portal.

You can access Manager functionality a few different ways.

1. The Manager Admin Portal

The primary, full featured manager portal can be found at mss.advanstaff.com. The manager portal is also the payroll processing and full-featured HR portal.

2. The Enhanced Employee Portal (for Managers)

The Employee Portal is also enhanced for Manager users.

View employee rosters, perform several HR functions, approve new hires and payroll, access the document management, Report Center, HR Toolkit, Learning Management System, send messages to employee and much more.

All Manager functions are permission-based. Read all about User Roles and Permissions. All permission “stacks” flow throughout the HR and Payroll system which also includes reporting.

Authorized worksite contacts can request access stacks for various employees.

All newly hired and rehired employees are onboarded through the AdvanStaff online paperless web portal. 

Click this link to access our complete training guide to adding employees to the HR System for payroll and benefits.

If you have any questions at all, please contact your dedicated payroll or HR specialist for assistance and additional training. We are here to help!

We have a few helpful Processing Guides located in the Manager Help Center:

Please contact your designated HR specialist for training on this process.

Detailed information regarding individual employees as well as reports containing data for all employees that report to you is accessed through your Manager Web Portal or through the Enhance Employee Portal.

Once you log on with your user name and password, click on any employee in your employee list to access his/her information including rates of pay, hire date, address, email address and much more.

Your dedicated HR Specialist is the primary contact for all HR issues. You can locate your dedicated team, including your HR Specialist by visiting the Manager Portal -> Home

All of these HR functions can be made in either the Manager Portal or the Enhanced Employee Portal.

Manager Portal:

  • Simply Click on the “MY Employees -> HR Actions”

Enhanced Employee Portal:

  • Locate the Employee Record on the “My Employees” dashboard window
  • CLick on the field you want to update or click on “HR Actions”

Your dedicated Benefits Specialist will help you build and navigate all benefit program options offered by AdvanStaff HR.

You can access all your own information in both the Manager Portal and the Enhance Employee Portal.

Protip: You can hop from the Manager Portal to the Employee Portals easily by using the “Profile” link at the top right of the Manager Portal.

Employees and companies needing to verify employment or salary should visit our Verifications of Employment page listed in Employee Info Center.

Your current copy of the Employee Handbook is stored in the Document Management System.

Manager Portal -> My Company -> Manage Documents

Enhanced Employee Portal -> Documents

We offer a wide array of discount and perk programs to employees, friends, and families. You can see all Employee Perks HERE.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is included with most medical plan offerings from AdvanStaff HR. Clients not using AdvanStaff HR’s medical program can still offer the EAP to employees and families at a very affordable cost.

The EAP program also includes employer benefits for group/worksite counseling and other emotional wellness programs that help large groups deal with grief, shock, and other emotional distresses.

Contact your dedicated Benefit Specialist to discuss employer-level group services.

An Example: We have used the Behavioral Health Options EAP internally at AdvanStaff HR as we grieved with the loss of one of our own internal staff members. Having a trained grievance counselor in our office was a very beneficial service and was provided at no charge.

AdvanStaff Learning is a full-featured, Learning Management System (LMS) that includes a complete library of courses ranging from anti-harassment, safety, compliance, employee and manager success, and much more. Don’t see a course you need? No problem, upload your own courses.

The AdvanStaff Learning system connects directly to the HR System API to keep all your employee data in sync to minimize data input and employee maintenance. Employees enter the LMS via the Employee Portal.

Talk to your HR Specialist today to learn more about AdvanStaff Learning.

AdvanStaff offers a sophisticated electronic performance management system that allows your company to provide professional reviews and review systems for management and employees.  Please contact your HR Specialist to learn more about options and pricing.

AdvanStaff offers a sophisticated applicant tracking system that allows your company to seek, screen, categorize, manage and move applicants through the application and hiring process seamlessly.  Our system allows one free concurrent job posting per month and is very reasonably priced for additional postings.  It also comes with the ability to push to approximately 17 free job boards, but allows you to upgrade to paid job boards when you deem it appropriate.

The system uses the latest technology, is easy to use and allows you to move an applicant into “hired” status directly to our pay systems.

Please contact your AdvanStaff HR Specialist to learn more about options.

When your company uses AdvanStaff’s workers’ compensation insurance program to cover employment injuries, your life becomes easier in every way! 

Claims are reported directly to our internal risk team through our ticket system or by emailing the risk management team directly and follow up, assistance with all filings, notifications, communications and other related issues are managed by our team of risk managers as well as by our insurance carriers.   We also work with you to set up light duty for injured workers to minimize the cost of claims, assist with all required leaves and leave paperwork associated with absences from work and help you manage most aspects of employee injury.

Should you receive a notification of claim from the EEOC, Labor Commissioner, any department of human rights or similar agency, please read through the information carefully, check to see if you are carrying any type of employment practices liability insurance, and then contact your HR Specialist.  Depending upon the origin of the claim, AdvanStaff will generally assist you with responses and help you through identifying and determining what actions your company may need to take.

Should you receive a notification from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), any federal or state government agency asking for wage data or other corporate information, please read through the information carefully, set up a user name and password as the information instructs and determine what information you are required to submit.  Some information may be available through AdvanStaff’s systems and you will be able to run reports to gather and submit.  You must use your own log ins and certify that the information is accurate for most requests.  If you would like assistance to determine if information is in our system and/or would like assistance to identify what reports are most efficient, reach out to either your Payroll Specialist or your HR Specialist.

Companies of over 100 employees (in aggregate between all commonly owned companies), those that have federal contracts over a certain threshold amount, companies in some states with state contracts and banks that sell federal products such as savings bonds, are required to file the EEO1 annually.  Your company will generally receive a notice from the Joint Reporting Commission of the EEOC that you are required to file.  You will use the user name and password provided by them to log on to the federal system to complete your filing.  Some information required in the filing can be obtained from reports provided through AdvanStaff.  Reach out to your HR Specialist for guidance and to learn more.

Much MORE Than Incredible HR Software

With AdvanStaff HR as your Strategic HR Partner you can be confident when making key business decisions. Our programs and technology platform enable you to take care of your employees and get the best out of your team. This also means retaining the great talent you’ve hired and trained. Key managers and executives can now focus on the most important aspects of running the business, serving customers and generating revenue.

Our People make the difference. Our Products give you the edge. Our Service sets us apart. Our Experience is unmatched. We are delighted to partner with you!