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How do I process the paperless I-9?

Once the employee gets started, a critical element of onboarding is completing the Form I-9. AdvanStaff pros are here to assist!

Once the employee has completed all required forms and submitted their section of the New Hire workflow, the hiring manager will receive an “Action Required” email notifying them to complete the I-9 Section 2.

By federal requirement, Section 2 of the I-9 must be completed within 3 days of the employee’s hire date.

Hiring Managers are required to approve the I-9

When the hiring manager (or Section 2 I-9 Approvers) login to the Manager Portal, they will notice a red notification check mark appear on the upper right portion of their screen. When the check mark is clicked the Approvals Pending screen will appear.

The I-9 Section 2 Approver should then:

  1. click on the I-9 Section 2 for the employee under Approvals Pending (Available to You) screen
  2. click “Grab” to put it in their own queue (Once “grabbed” no one else will have access to that form to approve)
  3. click on the I-9 Section 2 in Approvals Pending (Assigned to You)

Section 1, review with the employee.

If something is incorrect, click “Deny” to allow the employee to edit the I-9 Section 1 on their side. The employee will need to log back into Employee Self Service to redo their I9 Section 1.

If all is correct, click “Next.” This is where the I-9 Section 2 Approver enters the Identification document(s).

Section 2, certify the documents

The last page is the I-9 Section 2 Certification screen. Be sure to check the box to electronically sign the I-9.

The approver will be required to enter:

  • Their position/Job title
  • Last name – use your full legal last name
  • First name – use your full legal first name

Verify that the employer information is shown as:

  • The company’s DBA name
  • The company’s worksite address
  • Click “Next.”
  • Double check everything is accurate
  • Click “Submit.”

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