Employee Record Maintenance in the Manager Portal

Keep your employee’s records up to date and accurate for payroll processing in the Manager Portal. Eligible Clients may begin using these screens today!

Log in to your Account’s Manager Portal to utilize these (and more) employee maintenance items. Now available to eligible Worksite Managers!

Available Employee Record Maintenance Items Location in Manager Portal
New Hire Screen New Hire
Pay Rate Changes Employee Details: Pay Tab
Employee’s Employment Status / Type (Full or Part Time) Employee Details: Name Tab
Position Changes Employee Details: Name Tab
Division / Department / Location / Supervisor Changes Employee Details: Work Tab
Employee Terminations Employee Termination
Leave of Absence (TDI, FMLA, Work Comp, etc.) Leave of Absence
Reactivating Employees on Leave Reactivation

*Worksite Managers must have User Role permissions granted, in order to access these maintenance screens. See your managers or contact AdvanStaff HR for help or details related to your user credentials.


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