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W-2 Tax Form Download

Quickly Access Your W-2 Tax Forms

Tax Form Availability

January 18 – Electronic Forms Available in Employee Portal (requires authorization)

January 25 – Paper forms mailed out by via US Postal Service (USPS)

Enroll in Electronic Delivery Now, Instructions Below

How to quickly access and download your tax forms (Electronic Delivery Enrollment)

In order to gain early access to your year-end W-2 form, you will need to formally accept electronic delivery of your tax forms from within the employee employee portal.

To access/reprint W-2 forms from the employee portal:

  • Login to the employee portal
  • Click on “Taxes” -> “W-2” (consent to electronic delivery to unlock the forms if you have not already)
  • Choose the year you need to print

If you do not accept electronic delivery

If you do not accept electronic delivery, then a physical tax form will be sent to you by US mail.

It is imperative that your mailing (or W-2) address be current in the Employee Portal (ESS) so that the documents reach their intended destination.

Physical W-2’s are mailed out in mid/late-January of each year. The deadline for AdvanStaff HR to mail forms to employees is Jan 31st.