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W-2 Tax Form Download

Quickly Access Your W-2 Tax Forms

How to quickly access and download your tax forms

In order to gain early access to your year-end W-2 form, you will need to formally accept electronic delivery of your tax forms from within the employee employee portal.

To access/reprint W-2 forms from the employee portal:

  • Login to the employee portal
  • Click on “Taxes” -> “W-2” (consent to electronic delivery to unlock the forms if you have not already)
  • Choose the year you need to print

If you do not accept electronic delivery

If you do not accept electronic delivery, then a physical tax form will be sent to you by US mail.

It is imperative that your mailing (or W-2) address be current in the Employee Portal (ESS) so that the documents reach their intended destination.

Physical W-2’s are mailed out in mid/late-January of each year. The deadline for AdvanStaff HR to mail forms to employees is Jan 31st.