Labor Poster Compliance Solutions for Local and Remote Workers

State & Federal Compliance Poster
& eUpdate Service

Staying compliant has never been easier.

Staying current with employment laws and regulations can be overwhelming. With our compliance poster program, you can eliminate the stress and focus on what you do best – running your business. Our program offers a range of benefits, including convenient eUpdates, electronic posters for remote employees, and automatic renewals, so staying compliant is a breeze.

Get ready to simplify your compliance journey and keep your workplace informed!

Program features

  • All laminated, all-in-one, high-quality posters are entirely state and federal-compliant.
  • All subscriptions include ePosters in the Employee Portal, which is great for remote workers or multiple locations.
  • Subscriptions auto-renew to ensure easy, worry-free compliance.
  • Each eUpdate service includes the $25,000 ‘Fine-Reimbursement’ Guarantee for the primary poster.
  • Additional ad-hoc posters can be ordered anytime for multiple locations under management.

Subscription Options:

  • Annual Poster Replacement w/ eUpdates + ePoster Service (Default)
    • One (1) updated, laminated English (or Spanish) compliance poster is mailed to the worksite annually. 
    • One designated worksite manager receives eUpdates by email throughout the year. 
      • The manager will print PDF poster updates and display them with the poster as required when laws or regulations change.
    • $10 / mo. per subscription.
  • Perpetual Replacement Poster Program + ePoster Service (Upgrade Option)
    • A new, clean poster is sent with each critical state/federal policy update.
    • If a poster needs to be updated 5X a year, then 5 new posters will be sent throughout the year.
    • If a poster is NOT updated throughout the year, no new posters will be sent. eUpdate services are not needed for this option and do not apply.
    • $20 / mo. per subscription.


      Example #1. (1) English primary poster and (1) Spanish poster, the annual cost would be $16/mo x2.

      Example #2. (1) English primary poster plus three (3) additional English posters, the annual cost would be $16/mo x4.

Note: If the state posting requirements do NOT change throughout the year, a new, identical poster will NOT be sent until necessary.

Compliance has never been easier!

All low-cost subscriptions include electronic posters in the Employee Portal!

Additional posters

Qty 1-5 : $ 50 each

Qty 6+ : $ 40 each

Free Shipping!

Frequently Asked Questions

All employers with at least one active employee must have employment posters posted in a common area that is easily visible and accessible to all employees.

This is not only an AdvanStaff HR recommendation but also required by state and federal law.

All employers participating in this program also receive electronic posters in the Employees Portal account. Compliance for remote workers has never been easier!

For the eUpdate Program (default)

Posters are updated 1x a year on the anniversary of the initial mailing.

An example. If you started as a client of Advanstaff HR in March, you would receive a new, updated poster shortly after.

Mini updates are made throughout the year as posting requirements change. Our poster team will email your designated worksite manager with an “eUpdate” PDF to be printed and posted by the current poster.

Our client companies must have a designated worksite manager as a critical point of contact for all compliance programs.

For the Perpetual Replacement Program

The worksite would receive a new, clean poster for every mandatory state or federal update throughout the year.

AdvanStaff HR’s compliance poster team will proactively contact the worksite’s designated contact by email containing an updated, ready-to-print policy for posting when a mandatory change occurs in State or Federal Labor Law posting requirements.

For an additional charge, we can also send an entirely newly printed and laminated poster each time a mandatory poster update is announced. (This is the Perpetual Replacement Program).

No, but it is highly recommended for each client worksite to have a compliant poster program in place.

If this program is not used, then the client is not protected by this program or by AdvanStaff HR processes and assumes all responsibility for compliance.

Yes! AdvanStaff HR’s poster update program is the BEST, easiest, and most economical way to stay compliant.

Mandatory posting changes have increased dramatically over the past several years. Each employer NEEDS a fool-proof compliance solution. The poster program by AdvanStaff HR is not just a Labor Law Poster. It’s another critical piece in the compliance jigsaw puzzle.

Each update requires essential action by the worksite manager. Our update programs and notification process are critical to your risk management and compliance program.

All worksites that utilize our Compliance Poster Service receive an enhancement to the Employee Portal!

Employees and Managers can view electronic versions of all compliance posters inside the Employee Portal.

  • Employees location is pulled directly from the assigned worksite location to show all relevant posters.
  • Managers can search by Zip.

ePoster Program Screenshots from Employee Portal

Yes! The Electronic Poster Service is specifically designed for remote workers and work-from-home compliance.

All worksites that utilize our Compliance Poster Service receive the compliance enhancement to the Employee Portal.

Employees can view all compliance posters right inside the Employee Portal. We have automated compliance for all employees to see all relevant posters based on the employee’s assigned worksite ZIP code.

Additional posters are available by request for a small charge. Ad-hoc posters do not receive eUpdates because an eUpdate account will be tied to the automatic update service assigned to the designated worksite manager.

Only one eUpdate service is needed per worksite employer.

Most posters ship within 1-2 weeks, if the state has announced a pending update, the publishing company will wait to ship your order under the new print copy is available. This prevents shipping posters that will become “stale” immediately or close to right after they ship out. In this case, a poster update email will be sent for the PDF addenda to be added to your current posting area. Once the poster is refreshed, you can remove all mid-year addenda.

Unfortunately, some states are slower than expected in releasing their official copy.

If your order is delayed, please contact your HR Specialist, and we will research the status of your shipment. You can also open a support ticket anytime to request an update.

The Labor Law Compliance Poster Update Service is backed by a $25,000 ‘We-Pay-The-Fine’ Guarantee, ensuring that your business remains protected from serious fines related to improper posting content.

Terms and Conditions

Our Labor Law Compliance Poster Update Service guarantees that we will provide your business the latest and most up-to-date State and Federal Labor Law Posters at the time of purchase, and that we will keep you updated with major mandatory changes in State and Federal Labor Law posting requirements for one full year from the date of activation. If you are required to pay a federal or state levied fine as a result of a posting violation prior to the expiration of one (1) year from the your date of purchase, we will reimburse you for any paid fines imposed by a state or federal agency as a result of erroneous or outdated content on the Poster, so long as the error is a result of our failure to have (i) provided you with accurate content, or (ii) contacted you to update outdated content.

The maximum aggregate amount of reimbursement is limited to $25,000, and is only applicable if the following conditions are met:

  • We have, on record, at the time the fine is issued, a valid and current personal email address (i.e. not, or for an individual contact within your company.
  • You have not opted out of future emails or otherwise requested that we not contact you.
  • You notify us of the fine within ten (10) days of your payment of the fine.
  • The Poster was properly displayed in a conspicuous place where all employees can view the Poster, as per mandatory labor law standards.
  • All locations for the company participate with the eUpdate subscription.

The Poster & eUpdate Update Service guarantee may be amended, modified, or discontinued in our sole discretion at any time hereto by providing notice to you of the change. And finally, the Poster Update Service guarantee shall not apply to any nonstandard (i) industry-specific notices, (ii) sector-specific notices, (iii) municipal or location-specific notices, (iv) or any other specialized notice that is not issued by a federal or state agency.

ePoster Screenshots (Employee Portal)