Employee Portal Messaging-Alerts

Employee Portal Messaging & Alerts

Managers can easily communicate with staff using employee portal messaging.

When an employee logs into the employee portal using their mobile device or browser, the message will be presented and recorded by the HR portal.

  • Allows managers to easily segment employee communications by group, location, department, division, etc.
  • Tracks and records employee read receipts or acknowledgements and stores the data in the HR system.
  • Augments your employee bulletin board with employee portal messages and email notifications! Managers now have many pro-active ways to push information to staff and managers.
  • Integrates with the employee portal’s secure document management service. This allows manager to announce new policies, procedures, and to attach documents all within the HR system.
  • Saves your managers time, increases record keeping compliance, and improves operational flow!
Why Use Portal Messaging-Alerts?
  • Deliver important company news by portal message, by email, or both.
  • Easily distribute or remind employees of documents or notices stored in the document management system (DMS)
  • Easily record receipt acknowledgements directly in the HR System
  • and much more!

Watch the Employee Portal and Employee Messaging Demo

What’s Next?

When you are ready to start using the employee portal communication utility:

  • Complete the “Program Information Request Form
  • Determine who will be the “communication manager” responsible for sending messages to your employees. We will need to add those permissions to their manager credentials.
  • If you are linking messaging and document management, determine which types of employee and company specific forms, policies, etc. you want to maintain on the portal.
  • Define & load your documents.
  • Start testing the system, and you are ready to go!

Send a message from the Manager Portal

Want to add another avenue for communicating with your employee base? Authorized Worksite Managers may post a company message on the Employee Portal for employees to view. Company notices and reminders such as training dates, company picnic or other office events can be shared utilizing this system feature.

If you have interest in becoming an Authorized WSM contact AdvanStaff HR to learn more.

Authorized Worksite Managers can find the New Message center within the Manager Portal, see: Company / Action / New Message.

PRO-Tip: Helpful tutorials can be found throughout the Manager Portal by clicking on the “Question Mark” in the upper right hand of each screen!