What Does AdvanStaff HR Do For You?

What Does AdvanStaff do
for You?

We LOVE Helping Employees!

We LOVE working with employees and their families. Our goal as your employment partner is to help make your employee experience as enjoyable as possible.

We are here to serve YOU.

Our purpose is to enhance the connection between the Employee and the Employer. Your employers cares about you and has invested time and resources to provide you a platform and support to get the most out of your time with them.

Understanding your benefits and how to access and use them is very important to employees and families.

We help managers and employees get the most out of their time with their employer.

We support YOU

AdvanStaff HR works with small and medium size businesses and their employees to provide human resources support, payroll, benefits programs, and other HR administrative services.

We are here to help and answer questions about payroll / benefits onboarding, employee benefits plans, payroll taxes and forms, and to make your employee experience great.

We do not replace your worksite manager or direct report.

Worksite managers still exercise complete control over day-to-day activities and direction of the company. All employees report to their respective worksite manager for work schedules, job training, pay rate and salary information, and basically anything related to your job duties or responsibilities.

AdvanStaff HR assists with specific tasks as mentioned previously. Other employee-related services, issuing payroll and pay stubs, and year-end tax forms, explaining benefit options and offerings, assisting employees with workplace injury reporting, resolving major employee – employer conflicts where an employee may feel their rights as an employee have been violated, and many other employer related responsibilities behind the scenes.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us.

Employee Portal & Self Service (ESS)

24/7 Access to Benefits and Payroll Information

The Employee Portal is the access point to everything payroll and benefits. You will access to employee portal on onboard to payroll before you start working. There you will manage your contact info and mailing preferences as well as view/download your pay stub, view pay history, PTO balance, update tax withholdings, and more.

An email address is required for Employee Portal registration and access.

– Or Mobile App –

Download from the Apple App Store
Download from the Google Play Store

Payroll & benefits onboarding is handled through the Employee Portal. You can use a web browser or download the AdvanStaff HR Employee Mobile App.

Your worksite employer’s hiring manager will kickoff a welcome email directing you enroll in payroll. At this time you will complete your new-hire paperwork, complete the I-9 form, and elect tax withholdings. This process takes about 15 minutes or less.

You must enroll in payroll BEFORE you start working. Completing all the required electronic forms and required “paperwork” for employment is required by law. For the record, no actual “paper” is used and we will get enrolled quickly and efficiently.

Full-time employees receive notifications from the AdvanStaff HR benefits department to enroll in employee benefits according to the worksite employers eligibility schedule and benefit offering elections. Enrolment in benefits takes place in the Employee Portal.

We recommend using a personal email address and mobile number for communication and verification purposes. The HR system will verify all authorized devices using a text or email. Text to a mobile device seems to be preferred for faster device approval with Multi-Factor Authentication.

Have a question?

Simply open a support ticket 24/7 or give us a call at 702-598-0000. A team of system, benefit, and employment specialists are available to help you. Tickets are generally preferred as they are routed to the proper specialist and responded to in a few hours.

The Employee Information Center is a collection of helpful articles on how we help as your human resources (HR) partner.

Yes, we speak Spanish!!

Understanding the benefits offered by your worksite employer is very important.

We have a world class benefits platform to help with enrollment, management, and understanding your benefits. In addition, a live, dedicated employee and benefits support team is standing by to help.

Tip on ways to understand your benefits:

  • View the personal benefit statement located in the employee portal.
    1. See all enrolled benefit programs and monthly costs in an easy to access and view format.
    2. View/download detailed plan summaries and descriptions of the benefit program.
    3. Access detailed plan information and how to use the benefit programs.
    4. Access important direct links to carrier and service provider pages and “How To” guides. No searching.
  • Open a support ticket 24/7 to schedule a call to talk to a benefit specialist.

Employee Benefit Offerings vary by worksite employer.

Our primary goal is to get you paid accurately and on time.

Your worksite manager will set your rate of pay, manage your work schedule (possibly using a system located in the employee portal), and report hours. AdvanStaff HR will issue pay stubs.

We highly recommend enrolling in Direct Deposit or using a Payroll Pay Card to receive automatic and fast access to your pay. Many employers even offer early access to earned wages.

Direct Deposit, Visa Pay Cards, and Earned Wage Access are employee benefit offerings and vary by worksite employer.

Year-End tax Forms

Your year-end tax forms from your employee will be issued by Advanstaff HR. You can access those forms directly from the Employee Portal.

W-2 and 1099 Forms are generally available on or before Jan 31st for the previous calendar year.

Report a Workplace Injury

If you are injured while at the workplace, it is important you get the care you need immediately.

The AdvanStaff Safety Team will assist you in getting the care you need. The first step is to report your injury.

Report a Violation

If you believe your rights as an employee have been violated, we want to help resolve the issue.

Examples to report to HR are as follows:

I am reporting a concern that:

  • I believe am being treated differently due to my protected class such as my race, religion, age, gender, national origin, disability etc.
  • I was underpaid or not paid at all and my manager has not been receptive to discussion and/or has not resolved the issue after discussion.
  • I believe that am being illegally harassed due to my gender (sexual harassment)