Employee Termination Processing

Note: Termination Processing is time sensitive. All employee terminations must be submitted as soon as possible for final payroll, benefits, and insurance processing. Please maintain all documentation supporting the termination, for future reference. A fantastic option for filing supporting documents electronically, is to utilize the AdvanStaff HR Document Management System (DMS)

To make these changes:

  • Log in to your AdvanStaff HR Client Account.
  • Navigate to My Employees
  • Employee Termination
    • Select Employee
    • Termination Status Code (Drop down menu)
    • Reason Code (Drop down menu)
    • Termination Date
    • Okay to Rehire (Drop down menu)
    • Last Day Worked
    • Termination Explanation
      • Termination details and final hours and pay amount
    • COBRA-eligible (YES – Drop down menu)
    • COBRA Qualifying Event (Drop down menu)
    • COBRA Event Date – Auto fill from termination date
*Worksite Managers must have User Role permissions granted, in order to access these maintenance screens. See your manager or contact AdvanStaff HR for help or details related to your user credentials.