Submitting Payroll Hours, Salary, Commissions, etc.

We have two easy methods for submitting payroll records for your employees!


This method allows you to simply key your payroll hours and other pay information directly into our payroll engine’s time sheet screen.

  • This screen can also be customized to your detailed pay codes and options.
  • It works well for clients with smaller payroll submissions, standard hours, etc.
  • Contact your Payroll Rep to determine if this method is the best fit for you!


This method is perfect for clients who are utilizing a time keeping solution, such as a time clock or Point-of Sale system, which can export time records to a .csv file format.

  • You will be assisted in designing your customized .csv import template. It will then tested and approved for implementation.
  • Your large or complex payroll submissions can be completed in a few simple steps and imported directly into the AdvanStaff HR payroll engine.
  • Rest assured, that additional adjustments or corrections can be made to the imported data prior to the payroll finalization!
  • Your dedicated Payroll Representative will work closely with you to provide you with the custom formatted template.
  • This template will contain your applicable detailed pay codes and options to insure payroll compliance for your state. Contact your Payroll Rep to learn more about Payroll Time Imports and start saving time today!