Payroll Timesheet Imports

Eliminate the need to fully key your employee time into our payroll system!
Take advantage of AdvanStaff’s Time Importing options!

If your company currently utilizes an ancillary timekeeping system, we may be able to save you time! Simply export the information from your existing timekeeping system and import it into the AdvanStaff timesheet.

There is no additional charge for Time Importing! If you would like to learn more about this time saving option or are interested in moving forward to discuss your Time Import capabilities, please contact our Time Clock Specialists.
They will schedule a consultation to evaluate your needs, system capabilities, provide a sample import fields template, time frame for installation and discuss the configuration and training with you further.


  • It can produce/export your pay period time records to a “flat file” format.
    • Such as a .csv or .txt
  • It contains a “unique identifier” or one can be added for each employee
    • Such as a SS# or an Employee ID#
  • It can summarize your employee time & pay records
    • In units, by pay code
      • Regular hours, Overtime hours, PTO hours, etc.
    • In dollars, by pay code
      • Commissions, Draws, Bonus, etc.