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Kronos Service Options

We currently offer two web-based solutions, designed on the same framework. The two solutions offer either basic (SBE) or expanded functionality (MME) and are web hosted or use stand-alone hardware (biometric options available) to record employees’ time. Internet access is required at the worksite for these input devices to function.

Both solutions provide easy-to-use functionality to create payroll export files for direct importing into our front end web portal for payroll processing. With SBE, on-site administration is required to manage individual employee accounts while MME is fully API integrated for seamless administration.

Time clock hardware devices are also available for both solutions to record employee time.Options include biometric fingerprint, barcode, and proxy card readers.

Mid-Market Edition (MME)

  • More complex solution incorporating work flow for PTO requests and timesheet submission/approval
  • All of the SBE functionality
  • API Integrated employee account creation and management to eliminate porting employee data from the AdvanStaff HR portal to the timekeeping system.
  • Supports multiple pay groups
  • Supports unlimited customizable pay rules
  • Supports multiple time zones
  • Time off request process flow (Employee PTO balances are maintained in the payroll system)
  • Mass edit capabilities
  • Robust reporting

Setup and training: $75

Monthly Service Price:

  • $3 / employee per month added to payroll invoice ($35 monthly minimum.)

Small Business Edition (SBE)

  • Basic solution
  • Easy administration– employee adds/deletes, punch edits, etc.
  • Up to five customizable pay rules which define how rounding, O/T and lunches are handled
  • Supports one pay group (e.g. bi-weekly, semi-monthly, etc.)
  • Accommodates all pay categories including, REG, O/T, PTO,Holidays, etc.
  • Payroll exports in just a few steps
  • Basic standard reports
  • IP restrictions to prevent logging time from unauthorized locations

Setup and training: $75

Monthly Service Price:

  • $1.80 / employee per month added to payroll invoice ($25 monthly minimum)