Acceso al salario de los trabajadores (EWA)

Libérese de los préstamos a los empleados

Y salve a sus empleados de los préstamos de día de pago y de título
ofreciéndoles una prestación sin riesgo que desean.

Libérese de los anticipos salariales y de los préstamos a los empleados

Advanstaff HR’s Earned Wage Access (EWA) Program frees employers from dealing with employee pay advance loans. Tell your employees to request an advance directly from the employee portal, and you are done!

By offering Wages on Demand, you provide an alternative to high-price payday loan centers while not being financially or administratively obligated to any part of the program.

¿Por qué ofrecer anticipos salariales?

  • At least 12% of your employees use alternative options, compromising their financial health.
  • Employees love this service, and it’s a benefit they will use.
  • AdvanStaff administers the program, so there is no burden to the employer or managers.
  • Los anticipos y reembolsos se integran en la nómina.
  • The program is risk-free for the employer.
  • Es una poderosa herramienta de reclutamiento.

Aumentar la productividad

Para el 38% de los empleados, el estrés financiero es una distracción en el trabajo.

Employees use the program to smooth out cash flow, reducing financial stress and increasing productivity.

Your employees need alternatives; let us help.

Los empleados pueden solicitar anticipos de nómina para evitar las comisiones por falta de fondos, los anticipos de tarjetas de crédito y los costosos préstamos a corto plazo.

With Wages on Demand, there are no interest payments or APR—just a reasonable flat fee of $5 per $200 requested. Employees enrolled in Direct Deposit to a Zayzoon Payroll Visa Card can utilize this benefit without fees.

AdvanStaff HR will automatically deduct the advance from the employee’s next pay voucher and repay the advance to Zayzoon. Pay advances may not extend past the upcoming payday. Employees may request multiple $200 advances.