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Freedom & Efficiency

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Save time and money from day one

Save time and money with efficient, compliant paperless employee onboarding!

Anywhere, Anytime Paperless Onboarding

Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop Friendly

Newly-hired employees use a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer to quickly complete the mandated employment forms required by federal, state, and local governments to complete their new-hire documents.

The paperless online platform provided by AdvanStaff HR allows for efficiency and time savings which leads to less effort spent completing forms and more resources available to run the business.

Empower Managers

Hiring managers kick-off the hire process directly from the manager portal.

No need to schedule, travel, or wait for enrollment meetings.

Gain Efficiency and Save Money

Efficient new-hire processing reduces labor costs and gets the your new hires to work faster.

Increase Compliance

Digitized forms are customized to your company specifications and presented to the employee based on the employer’s preferences.

An Eco-Friendly Solution

Paperless onboarding saves anywhere from 75-150 pages of paper per employee while businesses commit to eco-friendly practices, save labor and protect the environment.

Speed & Accuracy

Paperless form data are validated on the fly to help ensure consistency and completeness.

Electronically collected information does not require manual transcribing and eliminates human error.

All Systems Connect Beautifully

All systems connect. Applicant tracking, new hire processing, benefit enrollment, learning management and training, paperless employee maintenance, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

You hire team members to add value to your organization. The faster you can get them onboarded, the more value they add.

Employees are eager to get started, they want to get to work!

With paperless anytime, anywhere onboarding, team members can get to work in minutes, not days.

No more:

  • scheduling onboarding meetings. Managers kick off the onboarding process through the secure manager portal.
  • required travel to HR office. Employees can enroll anytime, anywhere, even overnight right from their own home.
  • waiting for manual paperwork to be completed. Employee paperwork can be completed in as little as 10 minutes, not hours.
  • paying employees to attend offsite orientation. Save direct labor costs through technical and efficient systems.

Most definitely!

Paperwork is messy, unreliable, and leads to the need to transcribe content and transfer paper. That’s a risk that you should not take on for your business.

You wouldn’t want to have an employee accidentally stumble across someone’s I-9 or benefit enrollment documents. Not having to transcribe information from paper form to electronic systems increase data accuracy and improves data privacy.

There is NO ADDITIONAL COST for client companies to use paperless onboarding.

AdvanStaff HR has invested millions of dollars and thousands of work hours to build technology that is integrated and works.

Yes! talk to our paperless onboarding specialist about digitizing any custom forms you’d like your employees to complete during orientation.

Employee handbooks, acknowledgment statements, confidentiality agreements, direct deposit forms, tax forms, state & federal mandated forms and more are already digitized. Other forms can be added as needed.

Our platform is agile. Custom business rules automate the forms presented to the new hire based on work state, worksite location, position, etc. Managers have control at several layers of automation.

First, schedule an implementation consultation with AdvanStaff.

Our onboarding specialist will review your company’s onboarding practices with you and make recommendations.

Our teams does most (if not nearly all) the work. We’ve been here before, we’ve got this!

Of course!

Our technical team is available to help! We have a selection of videos and guides to familiarize the system features and processes to get you on your way quickly.

You can always open a support ticket or give us a call.

Paperless New Hire Manager Training Video