Health care costs continue to rise each year, and 2022 will likely be no exception.

In the new year, experts predict a 6.5% increase in medical expenses alone.

That’s why it’s important for you to take steps to reduce health costs wherever possible.

Following are six tips to help you reduce your health care costs:

  1. Pick an Affordable Health Plan That Addresses Your Unique Needs
    Not all health plans are the same. When deciding on a plan, pick one that meets your budget and health care needs.
  2. Brush Up on Health Plan Knowledge
    Knowing what your health plan does and doesn’t cover is critical for reducing your overall spending. Understanding terms such as deductible, coinsurance and copay can help you better understand your plan options.
  3. Take Advantage of Virtual Health Options
    Telehealth, or virtual, visits are essentially video calls with a doctor. These visits can be great for managing chronic conditions, speaking with mental health professionals and receiving diagnoses for minor ailments.
  4. Stay in Network
    With health plans, your health insurance company partners with select providers to lower the costs of care. If you go elsewhere (out of network), you will not have these discounts.
  5. Plan and Budget Your Care
    At the beginning of the year, think about potential upcoming health care costs you may have. Then, review your health plan coverage and budget accordingly.
  6. Ask Questions
    When visiting your doctor, don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you require care, ask them if there are comparable procedures or services that are more affordable while still being effective.

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